Can't Link Amazon/Blink Subscription Accounts

I purchased the premium subscription plan, and I received instructions from Blink on how to link the two accounts, but the instructions are incorrect. In the Blink app, in Account settings, there’s no option for “Link to Amazon account.” I’ve logged out and back in several times, and there’s no change. So I feel like I’ve purchased a subscription that I can’t use. Has anyone else had the same experience?

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I am having the same problem… Just emailed tech support to see what the issue is… My app is up to date, signed out and signed back in and even restarted my phone and nothing.
I will let you know if I hear back from them.

It’s new in the Android app for me as of a week ago. Version 6.3.3 build 558300

You can also try deleting app, clearing cache and temp files on your mobile device, then reinstalling the app.

I tried everything… No option for Link to Amazon. The app was just updated and I am on the most current version for iphone.


Apple vs Googke baby!

This was the response from Blink support, which makes absolutely no sense:

“We understand that you would like to know if why it doesn’t show the option to link your Blink account to your Amazon account using the blink app and we are more than happy to assist you with that. With regard to your concern, if your blink app shows that it has remaining days for the trial, it will not show that option and once the trial period is done, you will see that option to link your Blink account to your Amazon account on your blink app.”

My Blink app has NOWHERE that it displays the remaining days left in my trial. And if this is how it’s supposed to work, then it shouldn’t allow you to subscribe until the trial is over. Or there should be some kind of prevention method there. I’ve basically paid for a service I can’t use.

Note: I cleared the cache, I deleted the app. I reinstalled. Same experience. No link option, no remaining days option. I am on Version 6.3.3 build 558300.

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I just installed Version 6.3.3 build 558300 on a device that’s never had the app on it at all, and also on an Android emulator on my laptop.

Same thing. No days remaining in the trial, no option to link the Amazon account.

Same answer basically I got. I attached.

Wow! Could they make it any more confusing? What a cluster @#$%.

I asked them to cancel the trial and go straight to payment and they said they couldn’t do that.

The reason I have the link to amazon option in my app is I have no remaining days for the trial. I will NEVER have free trial days for two reasons. I’m a grandfathered in longstanding customer waaaaaay before the April 2020 cutoff date. I will never buy a sync module 2. If there is an important video I want to save, I do so quickly. I can download that video to my phone and/or email it to myself.

The pay for cloud storage or pay for usb once a day download may just prove to be Blink’s Achilles heel. Time will tell. Amazon may realize and confirm people bought Blink instead of Ring because price was lower. They don’t want to pay for cloud storage as that has been free with Blink for 4+ years. Paying for cloud will cost more than one single camera. WTF!

So do people want to try out paying for cloud and see how it works just to confirm they don’t want to pay for it in the first place? I don’t want to pay for it but I do want to experience how it works…for free.

I want to pay for the cloud storage because I have 12 cameras, three Sync Module 2s, and the solutions provided today (one-off downloads) aren’t practical, and running someone’s PowerShell script that’s not maintained and breaks all the time is annoying.

I just got this response from support regarding just canceling the trial:

“Thank you for reaching Blink technical support. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in reaching out to us. Your concern is our utmost importance and I will be helping you out with your case. Unfortunately it’s not possible to cancel the 30 day free trial subscription plan but you can pay it earlier ( post pay ) and once your free trial got expired it will automatically applied to your cameras.”

I still have NO idea how many trial days I have left. They keep saying it’s shown in the app, but it’s absolutely not shown in my app anywhere. I’ve scoured the damned thing, and it doesn’t show the days remaining in the trial ANYWHERE.

Go here

Type into the search field days remaining
Start reading the articles and pay attention to 30 days

The link I gave you is the support website. Contrary to popular belief, this community forum is NOT the support website. It used to be years ago, but today is today and back then was back then.

No, I get it. It’s a community forum, and it seems there are a LOT of community members having the same problem.

So in the instructions on Blink’s support site, and even on the purchase site, it says you’ll be given the opportunity to link your Blink account when you check-out on That is absolutely NOT the case. It absolutely does NOT ask you to link your Blink account.

Then when you DO purchase, you get an email with instructions from Amazon telling you to go to your Blink app where you can link your Amazon account. But there is NOT any place in the Blink app where you can do that. There’s just not.

Then they say “Well, you can’t do it until your trial runs out! It will tell you on the home page of the Blink app how many days you have left.” Nope, it does not. It absolutely DOES NOT tell me how many days I have left in my trial. There’s nothing there.

This whole thing is a complete, total, utter HOT MESS.

Its been a frequently changing situation since cloud subscriptions was offered about 9 months ago. Docs don’t match, message story changes, and things don’t work as expected. Yet people still buy AND they don’t return it for refund.

Amazon knows this but as price is cheap per camera, they also know what level of nonsense consumers will put up with. Never forget product forums are marketing data goldmines.

So I’ve paid $100 for basically nothing?

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I’d go the other way around and not pay till I have to. You can always dispute a charge on your credit card and have the payment reversed.

I just purchased the plan and no way to link the app to my amazon account… I have the latest version and still no way to link… What a, rip off

I’m sorry to hear about the problems with the linking and the plans. I just did this today with no problems at all but if I’m reading the thread correctly, I think you guys might’ve purchased the plan first before linking the Blink account with Amazon? I linked my Blink account with Amazon first, worked just fine no problems, then purchased the Plus plan (1yr in full) through Amazon and that also went fine (I’m still in my trial period so the paid part starts future-effective next month the day after the trial finishes.)
I doubt this is possible but is there any way you can cancel the plan payment, maybe then it will enable you to go in and link the accounts, then go back and purchase the plan again? I’m just theorizing that the order that you did it in could possibly be a factor in the trouble you’re having. I wish I could help more but just wanted to offer my information in case it benefits the cause. Let me know if I can help further.