Cant access live view when recording motion possible overide

Just wondering why you can’t access the live view when its motion recording example if someone’s at your door with a parcel and you can’t talk as the live view says busy when its recording the clip. Would it be possible to have a override when this happens so if you need to talk you can.

Just looking for context here…do you have “early notification” enabled?

I receive notifications to my phone as soon as the clip is recorded from the motion detection but if someone comes to my door i can’t talk to them through live view as the camera is already recording a motion clip. I would like to be able to press live view even when the camera is recording a motion clip so i can see live and talk to them incase its a parcel as i can ask to send round the back.

So, you’re not using the early notification feature?

I seem to recall this was a major snafu in the XT-2 operation. If the camera is recording, you can not do 2 way way talking. Not sure about camera recording AND live view plus 2 way talking at same time. Bottom line is people want it to work like the Ring doorbell commercials. Live view, 2 way talk, and record all at the same time.

For those of you that have the XT-2, what does it do for real? Can it do all three at same time - live view, 2 way talk, and record?

Yes its activated.

I can’t seem to access live view until the motion clip has finished recording same as voice.

If you have Early Notifications enabled, as soon as a camera detects motion it will send you a notification (within seconds). Clicking on the notification will take you directly to Live View, where you can 2-way talk and record.

If you have Early Notifications enabled and are trying to access the camera directly instead of clicking on the notification, you will get the old behavior (can’t access Live View until recording finished). You need to click the notification. ETA - clicking on the notification tells the camera to stop recording and enter Live View.


Thanks for clarification!

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Only if they will ever make this “early notification” feature available to non US-Canada customers :slight_smile:

Patience is a virtue. I’m sure it’s coming. They’re just using us a guinea pigs.


Clicking on the early notification does not bring you to live view, it brings you to an error that the camera is busy. please fix that.
Why can’t you just take a still shot of the activity and send that along with the early notification?

@Brad_B this is a user-to-user forum and I am only a customer just like you. I am not capable of fixing your system because I don’t work for Blink. All people here can do is offer you suggestions to help troubleshoot your problem.

I have early notifications enabled and mine work exactly as they are supposed to. Does it not work properly on all of your cameras, or just one/some of them? If it isn’t working as intended, first I would try turning it off for all of your cameras and then turning back on and testing it. If you only have Early Notification enabled on only one/some of your cameras, try enabling it for all of them. If it still isn’t working properly you need to contact Blink technical support. Early Notification is still in beta and they may be aware of any issues that could be causing your problem.

Thank you Carey. I only have one of the XT2s. The others are older and don’t offer early notification. Good to know that it’s working as advertised for some.