Cannot view 2 or more cameras on 1 screen

This is a terrible feature not to be able to live view only 1 camera per screen. The switching from camera to camera is also very very nerve wrecking.

This is your 1st post. Do you want help or are you just here to complain?


This is one of those things where you should have done more research in regards to the Blink system before making the purchase. There are plenty of reviews, info, specs, etc out there. If you were looking for a CCTV/IP/Livestream setup, you should have purchased that kind of setup.

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Yet another troll. Newbie joins, 1st post bash Blink. Never hear from them again. Standard gig when no admins actively patrol the streets of the forum. They rely on you and I to flag posts instead. Why? Because using your customer base as your admins is FREE. One of many reasons Blink is priced the way it is. Low low low compared to the competition.

I didn’t realize how old that post was. I was just going through the posts. I see he never came back and that was indeed their 1 and only post :wink: