Cannot set up account on Blink Ios app

Just received new mini-Blink. It will not allow me to create an account no matter what email address I use to create the account and password.

Literally just a few minutes ago? There was something weird going on with log-in. Maybe it applied to new accounts too, and maybe still does? I have logged back in now, but there was something wrong.

Same here - I eventually succeeded to create my account through this website, but now I’m stuck when I try to login to the iOS app with the exact same credentials…

This web site does not share credentials with the Blink app and servers.

lol - Ok so it explains the second point. The first issue remains then, as for Walt.
Thanks Suttybink

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Finally created an account using a 4th email address. Frustrating to say the least, but it now works. :clap:

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