Cannot add blink mini in a Xiaomi Mi 6

Hi community,

I tried to add new camera in Xiaomi Mi 6, running Miui I’ve tried several times using always 2.4G WiFi, I’ve scanned the code and then the green light steady and the blue light blinking, then asked for selecting WiFi Network and loop asking WiFi again in a few seconds, 15 seconds or so.

Could you please provide any solution than press reset button and repeat again?

Thanks in advance.


This is so funny. The setup for devices seems to not work on all Xiaomi devices.
Bad for Blink, we only got Xiaomi devices.
So the cameras go back!
So ridiculous Blink (Amazon)…
The Xiaomi userbase is big, and you are just missing out on 10% of the Smartphone market.

Frustrating though it may be, I’ve never heard of them, so I thought to myself, how have I not heard of a phone company that has 10% of the market, so I checked. Only 1.54% in the UK. Not so hard to miss a 1 in 65 type of phone, as opposed to 1 in 10, especially when I haven’t really been in the market for a new phone for the last 3 years. Seems to be close to 10% globally, so yes, they need to resolve that issue if it truly applies to all.

With respect to your issue, and your particular frustrations, having to send it back, it must be very annoying, but I find it hard to believe that it’s a huge problem, with 2 posts on the topic in 8 weeks. Are you sure 2 people in 8 weeks, represents all Xiaomi devices, or do you have more information, such as support told you they are not a supported manufacturer?

On there are several reports of users speaking about it. Everyone is tried using their Xiaomi device. But it didnt work on them, but on other devices, such as a Amazon Fire Tablet.

If this problem isn’t related to the Smartphone brand, it is more intimidating for Blink, as this may be a problem of your? servers. As I thought of a company owned by Amazon, you’re using AWS servers and they can’t be the problem. So you have badly coded server modules, or you just try to keep your server costs down.

Anyway, after over one hour and several attempts on multiple Xiaomi smartphones, I am sending my Blink camera back.
I never had any smart device, which took me more than 2 minutes to setup …

Hi Eve! Just to be clear, you are not speaking to Blink or Amazon employees. This is a user to user forum and Blink employees rarely join in anymore. Best of luck with whatever camera system you settle on.

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