Can you set a time when motion sensing I activated

I would like to set a specific time for example 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. for motion sensing is that possible

Play with your app settings. Get to know the system and learn.
System settings - scheduling

That’s for all cameras, can you do for individual?

Simple answer is NO. However, when armed you will notice the BLUE running man top right of each camera image. If you click it, the man goes grey and that particular camera then remains unarmed.
That’s the best that can be done at present.

There’s only one way we could figure it out; it’s a simply arm/disarm in the scheduling feature.

  1. Start at home which shows the Sync Module Status–green line to server.
  2. Click on the Settings cog wheel–third from left.
  3. System Settings which should have the name you gave your camera–very bottom.
  4. Scheduling–may want to check the time zone!
  5. Tap Scheduling once, and you will see this scary grid.
  6. Click the + icon way up in the upper right hand corner next to the trashcan.
  7. The next page will give you the Arm and Disarm slider. AM/PM, etc. That part you will have to fool around with, but it’s not too hard.

It’s rather nifty and works for most purposes.

Answers original question. However, question has now changed.

Dave A.'s answer sounds plausible. I just saw an iPhone that has an entirely different interface. Hard to keep everything straight. The scheduling on the iPhone is far more advanced.