Can you schedule motion detection

I am able to schedule arming and disarming with no issues but I have one camera where I have animals out during the day moving around so I turn off motion detection to reduce alerts. Can I schedule motion detection to come on at a certain time and shut off again in the morning? I have 4 cameras so I want to be able to reduce the amount of alerts throughout the day but see if anything happens at night. I also don’t want to miss anything in case I forget to manually turn motion back on. I have IFTTT and use Google Home with that but I can’t find any routines in there that do motion, only arming/disarming.

This has been answered hundreds of times. Please search the forum.

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This forum is disappointing. From what I see from searching, most of the comments are snarky know it all replies. The last post I saw was older and didn’t really address motion and were no real help.

This is one more reason for me to replace these cameras with another brand. The other brands forums are actually very helpful and friendly.

Go ahead and remove this topic. I will just replace the last 4 cameras and be done with them.

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Steve–I agree, a bunch of goofball answers which tells me they don’t know.

I checked the steps on my phone–the directions are perfect. However, I am not using the feature, so it may or may not work. To me, it looks like it will work fine.

No. The only thing the Blink mobile app allows you to do is schedule the arm and disarm feature. Juniper’s answer that is linked out to the support website is for arm/disarm. It is NOT how to schedule motion detection.

Thank you guys for the helpful responses. That’s what I see too. It is surprising that they don’t allow that to be done. I guess I will just have to continue to do it manually for now.

I have a wild azz theory that Amazon keeps Blink kinda dumb on purpose. If Blink had more features/capabilities, it would impinge on Ring sales. Ring is Amazon’s cash cow with Blink being the red headed step child.

Remember in all of this, Amazon bought Blink to aquire the super low power chip set made by Immedia Semiconductor. Those chip sets are now used in other smart home devices Amazon sells. The smart home goodies allows Amazon eCommerce sales to grow. Study up on Key by Amazon delivery services for an example.

Steve–sorry, the arm/disarm feature is, essentially a scheduling tool. I think you are wanting Routines or some such thing.

Ring Stick Up Cam w/ iSpy will do wonders for you.

There ya go, more features/benefits = more money. Ring is the cash cow for Amazon.