Can you give me an estimate how long on complete security system

ok you guys you said at the end of 2017 you were going to have the complete security system,are you gonna make it,all my indoor and outdoor camera’s are ready,now all I need is the window and door sensors plus monitoring, i’m tired of paying 49.99 a month can you give me an estimate how long.


Oh, I didn’t know they had this in the works. I’ve been looking around for a security system for the house and I’ve not found one that I actually like. All I need is doors and windows as well and a way to arm/disarm on the fly.

Last I remember reading was possibly early 2018. The small Blink team is hesitant on giving timelines.

My guess is they will keep their response vague (if they respond at all). If they publicly commit to any kind of deadline, then they don’t meet it, people will complain about that too.

Have you checked out SimpliSafe? We have Blink and SimpliSafe and it can be controlled by an app on your phone.