Can two seperate android phones be used to view and manage blink cameras

I want to be able to use two separate android Samsung phones mine A20 and is working to manage and view videos, and my wife’s S7 to Manage and or view videos produced by anyone of my blink cameras. Can you guide me to a written procedure for this process or explain it?

Download the app, login using the same credentials that you use for your Blink account. Mine arrived today and set the app on 3 different device’s and all is working great.

Works great
Until someone changes or deletes things that someone else doesn’t want changed or deleted.

Yeah true and understand that but if you say don’t mess with settings and I’ll show you how view videos etc then there has to be a bit of trust.

When it’s your partner, sure, but others have described some useful and interesting use case scenarios where multi user access could be very handy.

I for one wouldn’t mind letting my fishing buddies have access to my river camera, and I could trust them not to mess with the settings, though it would be better if they couldn’t, but if I gave them my credentials, they would have access to all my systems and all my cameras, and that would not be acceptable.

I would like to piggyback off this question. I have successfully installed and configured my system just fine. Loving my purchase.

I have NOT tried this but wanted to run this by the experts. My wife and I are using the app, great!

Now here is my only question. We have two cams on one sync module. I want to know can I create another acct to the same sync module to ONLY show 1 cam?

I hope its a favorable response. Thanks…

See my reply to your first post. Please post your questions of the same subject in one place only so we can better help you.

I would also like to piggy back. I have the Blink App on both my iPad and Android phone. When I delete a picture on either device, it does not delete the picture on the other device. I can’t recall when this started, but it’s been doing this well over a year. I have 5 outside cameras, I’ve switched sync modules which didn’t help. TIA