Can’t receive validation e mail HELP!

I have a new iPhone 8 and it can,t get the validation email from blink.
I’ve reloaded the application
I’ve added Blink to contacts
I’ve checked trash, junk and all inboxes
I’m signed in but can’t validate my address
Wife’s Older ipad works, wife’s iPhone 6 works, my iPad works .
Any idea ??? Please

Maybe its already validated but I would e mail support to make sure

Go to app
choose manage account
look to see if you have a check mark that shows email verified

I never got the email from Blink as they verified my email long time ago via this community forum, via placing orders, via tech support, via shipping or product, etc.

That’s part of the problem, I can’t get to accounts just have the message telling me they will send a link to validate.
My other devices (2 iPads and wife’s iPhone work and show validation of email address.

Sorry, can’t help you with Apple stuff. Other than delete Blink app completely. Then get rid of cache and temp files on your mobile device. Then reinstall Blink app. My guess is something from the past install of Blink app is holding things hostage on that particular device. Clearing cache and temp files is good maintenance thing to do on any device. Typically they run better/faster afterwards.