Can I mix and match?

I have an original xt, I want to add another outdoor and indoor cameras to my set up but the original xt2 isn’t sold anymore. Will these new ones sync to my original module? I don’t want 3 modules for 3 different cameras?

They will, I’ve done it, but you might like to choose to buy a system, next time they are on offer. Sometimes the deals are so good that a one camera system becomes less than a stand alone camera, which rarely attracts the same level of discount.

I say this because there are features that your new cameras can perform, which only function with the new sync module two. If you don’t want those features, so be it, but you still might choose to do it to get a spare sync module or two.

Delete your XT2, delete your old sync module, set up the new cameras, on the new sync module, and then join the older XT2 to the new sync module.

That works too.

The only sync module to which the new indoor and outdoor cameras are not backwards compatible, is the very fist sync module released with the original indoor and XT cameras. If you have an XT2 you will not have one of these. Even most of those work, but certain very original modules, model 1, so to speak, have an issue.

Sorry that was supposed to say xt not xt2

Same applies.

From your last post you were saying that I can’t add the first xt to my new module? I want all 3 camera to be on the same module if possible

No, I said that you might not be able to add a new outdoor, or indoor, to some of the very first sync modules. A small number, in the first batch. If you have one of those, they will swap it for free, and are in fact contacting customers proactively to swap them.

You can add any camera to a sync module 2, if you choose to get one as a system with your new camera, thus you will be able to add your XT, if you choose that route.

Great thanks for the info

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