Can I get an “alarm” alert instead of just a “ding” when motion is detected?

I would like to use my Blink system as a burglar alarm. My normal ‘alert’ tone is a single ‘ding’ on my iPhoneX when motion is detected. However, a single ‘ding’ will not wake me up from a deep sleep. I may not even hear the single “ding” even if I was awake. Is there a way to adjust the Blink alert to one that is better for alerting me or waking me when motion is detected - such as the iPhone “alarm clock” alert or even an actual call to my phone? After all, the Blink system is being touted as a security system like ADT. If there isn’t something in place already, I would think it would be a simple software fix to give different alert options . Otherwise, I will need to continue paying for ADT security since they will make sure I am aware that a burglary is taking place if motion is detected.

@Byp: Welcome to the forums! I can change the Blink notification on my Android phone. Not sure about ios Try going to “manage account” in your app & check it out.

That being said, as much as I like Blink, it in no way can be considered a security “system”. No sirens, no monitoring and not meant for that purpose (never mind the ad-speak). No way could, or even should, replace your ADT alarm system.

Stay safe!

Thank you for your insights. I checked the settings, and while there is a tab for ‘Notification options’, there is no option for changing the sound of the alert - only for choosing what constitutes an alert.

As for ADT security, my office has many visible warnings inside and outside that cameras were watching the place. Nevertheless, over the weekend, the burglars broke into the office and deactivated the ADT system by ripping the control center off the wall, just like in the movies. I was never notified!! HOLY SMOKES - what is wrong with an alarm system that can be deactivated just by ripping it out?!! And here ADT have been happily taking my money monthly for over 12 years only for it to fail me the one time I needed it!

Indeed, the threat of cameras and sirens were not a deterrent to the thieves. Then it occurred to me that the most useful thing that ADT could do for me was to alert me when a crime was occurring. But this could also be done by Blink, if only they had a better alerting mechanism - and I would not have to pay the monthly ADT fee to boot!

So Blink, if you are reading this, you will be upping the usefulness of your system greatly for me, and I suspect for many others, if you would only give us the option of choosing a more robust alerting system than the ‘ding’.

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Hi Byp,

As of right now, most iOS apps do not offer a feature that will let you change the sound of your notifications via the app. Android is typically more customizable which is why you can in fact change the sound of your notifications via the Blink app for droid devices only.

Otherwise, if you are using an Apple device, you will not have access to selecting which sound you would like to use, rather the ability to simply turn the sounds on and off.

We are hoping to release our own Blink notification sound in the future, but as of right now-as this is the case with most apps downloaded on your Apple devices, the ability to manually change the sound is not accessible.

Thanks for understanding,

What I am hoping for is not just another tone, but an actual alarm like that in the alarm clock function , so that I would be woken up in the middle of the night if Blink detects a motion. That would increase the usefulness of Blink a lot.

Please pass this on to your higher ups. Thank you.


I use blink to activate a smart bulb so my lamp lights up when it detects something, if I was in your position I would first try IFTTT to send a sms to you and select a loud tone on your phone, mine is set to facebook msger which is always loud enough for me but I wouldnt leave my msger on loud all night.

If this didnt work I would buy a son/off 5-24v and wire it up to a speaker/buzzer, if you wanted to go crazy you could use a car horn, false alarms at 4am might not impress most people though.

For IOS, I did reduce the triger time to 10s which is the lowest. Please add on your firmware to enable 1 second retrigger so the iphone users will wake up when there is a burglar not just a bleep evey 10sec

To change the alarm sound on Android, create or upload the sound file you want to your android notification folder, then go the Blink select manage account and then notification and select the file you uploaded

This is a GREAT product, am very pleased with all aspects so fare, but quite dissapointed in the sound alert. I am hoping you have a fix in the near future for this. I have multiple apps that give me their unique alert (, ESPN, etc), therefore it is obviously something that can be done. I would think THE MOST IMPORTANT App to have an alert that gets attention is a security camera? If there is no plan for fix, I will need to return these cameras. Any updates?

Perhaps Blink could meet you half way, by offering a separate device that is similar to the hub. The cameras would be synced to the “Alarm Module” in the same way they are synced to the hub. When a camera is triggered, the hub will record the video, but the alarm module (when turned ON) will fire off with a choice of sounds ranging from a simple pleasant PING to a heart-stopping smoke alarm level siren.

Imagine a small box that connects to the router in the same manner as the hub. You can decide via the APP that the alarm box is armed from 10 PM to 6 AM, or whatever. In the APP, you set the box to sound ONLY for triggered cameras 2, 5 and 8, or maybe another combination, or you could never get a good night’s sleep again, by setting off an alarm for ANY camera that is triggered during the night. If that is the case, it is time to move to a safer neighborhood.

That is an interesting idea, but sounds like it would be a whole new product for blink to create, and a new product for us to buy. I don’t claim to be big in IT/Technology, but it is hard to imagine that making an addendum to the app to allow for a new/louder alarm would be difficult/costly/time consuming.

Wish I would have read these threads before spending >$300 on this product…

Agreed, a relatively minor software change would be far less time-consuming and costly to implement than a new piece of hardware. Like not even close.

I second the request for an alarm which is independent of the phone app. I usually leave my phone to charge overnight in my kitchen so I never hear the alerts.

There is a workaround that I found using IFTTT which enables you to change the alert tone for ALL cameras.
Download the IFTTT app from the app store.
Select ‘get more’
Select ‘make your own applets’
Select ‘+this’
Type ‘blink’ in the text box
Select ‘blink’
Select ‘motion detected’
Select one of your cameras
Select ‘create trigger’
Select ‘that’ (next screen)
Type ‘phone’ in text box
Select ‘phone call US’
Select ‘call my phone’
Select ‘create action’
Select ‘finish’

Repeat for all cameras. The first time an alarm occurs, the service will call your phone. Add that number to your contacts. You then can personalize that ringtone as you like, even designated it an emergency contact so it will sound even when the phone is silenced.
Works for me. Thanks blink.

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This is very nice. My experience with IFTTT QOS has been mixed. Sometimes, I got an alert very quickly, and others it lagged. I hope your experience is better. Keep us posted!

Yeah, ceedee, I had a few delayed notifications the first couple of days after setting it up, but seems to be resolved. I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I would have chucked it if reliability was an issue. Many times I receive the IFTTT call before the Blink notification. You might like the ‘signal’ ringtone. It’s not too annoying but gets my attention. Just personal preference though.

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I tried it. Didn’t work. Would not link up the phone. I have Republic Wireless, and the phone number is often considered a VoIP number, and not supported. I had that issue with Twitter 2FA. I’m going to keep testing.