Cameras Registered to Another Account. Please Help!

Hi. Purchased the 3 XT Camera Kit and another add on XT Camera from Amazon. Sync module setup and Add On Camera installed fine up and working, however the other 3 cameras that came with bundle is synced to different accounts. Please help!!!

Hi @ADS,

We are happy to help! A member of our technical support team is currently reaching out to you over email to help you resolve this issue.

Let us know if you need any other assistance!

My camera saids it is registered with another account too

Hi @wallerz
Have you called technical support directly
There is the option to call from in app or various other methods to reach out.
Calling is the best solution to get this resolved quickly.

For interest, is this a new purchase?

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Hey @wallerz,

@northan is correct, calling customer support at (781) 332-5465, or submitting a support ticket is your best bet. However, if you bought your camera used from ebay or another third party seller we will be unable to help you resolve this for privacy/security reasons. If this is the case, it means that the person who sold them to you did not delete the cameras from his or her account and must do so for you to be able to use the cameras.

If the cameras were purchased from an official Blink seller, like our website, that you just need to provide support with the serial number of the camera as well as proof of purchase.

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These replies are no good to most folk on here looking for a fix… why would they be registered to another account if they purchased them directly from blink themselves.???. that’s a cop out of an answer… if these have been resold by another vendor regardless of who they are if they are official and the new owner provides a receipt these should be unblocked if they have proof it was purchased that way. Many of these are resurfacing from amazon and resold without the previous owner removing their details. The previous owner couldn’t care less about removing their details as they just want their money back and Amazon will have refunded them… Amazon may have also claimed some kind of insurance also most likely and the new owner is not allowed to get the previous owners details due to legal reasons such as data protection… etc… so how is the new owner meant to get these details ?? it’s impossible and Blink have to act to fix this as it is becoming a joke and is not a solution… if these items are traceable then what is the issue here… if its stolen you have the new owners details right ?? so who is gonna be so stupid to use a stolen item that is gonna be traced to your address or so… sort it out blink… fix your own mess and stop treating your customers with zero tolerance or respect. they bought these in good faith… how are they supposed to know its going to be connected to another account and not fit for purpose. customers don’t know these things are useless if it has another email address on it. it’s not their fault and they shouldn’t be left with an item working functionally but Blink refusing to allow the customer to use their item that they have paid money for because of an email address connected to it… Blink should contact the previous owner and you ask them to remove their details since you know who these people are… the buyers who have bought it don’t and are not allowed to know these details, it is illegal to get that information. its your product and your problem too fix Blink. I may not have put this across as well as I would like but people have bought these in good faith and been let down by Blinks refusal to genuinely offer a solution.


I am still trying to get this fixed… I received an email… tried to reply to Bob… email bounced back as address is not vaild… any help would be appreciated.

We can’t help. You need to contact CS. Call them.

well bob asked me for the invoice which I am trying to send to a valid email address but can’t reply to bobs Email ??? and as all links I also try bounce back with a 404 error… is there really any genuine support for this stuff

why can;t you help now ceedee thats a different tune from what I was told youre singing there…

Ceedee is a customer, like most others in this forum, including you and me, and can do nothing about this. Only Blink customer support staff can assist you. There are some members of Blink support staff that visit the forum, infrequently, but even they would tell you to contact their customer support staff directly.

No idea why your reply to Bob failed, but if I were you I would call them, ask them exactly what you need to do, and then follow those instructions precisely. Presumably they will give you an email address to where you can send details of your system, including a copy of your receipt, though I can’t say for sure, because I have never done this.

Good luck.

oops my bad then i didn’t realize that sorry ceedee thought that was an admin replying back or tech support if they exist :wink::sweat_smile:

Hi I have just purchased the blink xt 1 camera from eBay and been assured their account has been deleted but I can’t register the camera?!? Any help greatly appreciated!

You know what to do, right?

Hi no I’m not sure how to get this working

Did you read this thread?

Welcome to the forums! You’ve suffered enough - LOL- the only way to fix this problem is to contact support as mentioned at least twice in this thread. Good luck!

Oh my… I was trying to teach him to fish!

It was a mercy post! :grinning:

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I am having the same issue. I used a camera on an old system in the past and need to link it to the new system, but it says the S/N is in use on another system. I no longer have the old system or old login information. How do I get it on the new system?