Cameras recording dark

It seems as if both my cameras started acting up at the same time. During the day they record fine. However, at night, when they start recording, sometimes the first second is normal (bright, IR let’s me see everything) but then immediately after the camera adjusts and everything gets very dark. Dark to the point where I can’t really see anything. IR is still working at least to an extent, because I can see a little bit of “glowing white”.



I would defintely try power cycling the camera by removing the batteries, waiting 30 seconds, and putting them back in the camera. If this doesn’t help, you can file a help ticket at and we can do some additional troubleshooting.

Will try that and get back to you. Thanks for the quick response.

Having same issue on all 6 of my XT cameras , working with support as well to perform remote resets, I have a feeling there will need to be a firmware fix though. I sent them screenshots of the issue as proof.

@Evan @A_Person We’ve been working with engineering on this issue, and they have discovered the root cause. @A_Person you are correct that it does require a firmware fix. We’ve already completed the fix in a test build and will be releasing it to all users once it has passed our testing. We appreciate your patience while we work to get this fix implemented as quickly as possible.


That’s what I like about Blink! They listen to their customers. I have an alarm system (which I won’t name) that is Simpli amazing but the company doesn’t listen or respond to their customers. Customers have been asking for minor changes for 5 years with no action. Blink is refreshing! Keep up the good work!


Interesting, thank you very much! If you don’t mind me asking, what is the the problem exactly? I feel like it may be rooted in the sync module, primarily because it started happening to my cameras at the same time.

@ronsec, you are absolutely correct. The customer service from Blink is absolutely amazing. I remember reading a review from a guy who said it “wasn’t there”. No idea what he was talking about! Never experienced customer service where multiple people from within the company actually reach out and listen to suggestions, problems, etc…

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Also, if you guys need or are looking for beta testers, or are open to the idea of having them, I would love to help.



The problem was rooted in a firmware update for the XTs that seemed to malfunction after the release, so we are working towards the release of a new one to fix these issues. Also, we do appreciate the offer for being a beta tester and will definitely keep you in mind for new updates and things of the like. Thanks!

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The firmware fix that support pushed to one of my XT cameras fixed the dark IR image issues on that camera.

Blink updated my cameras and everything looks and works great.

Do we have to individually request this fix or is it being pushed out to everyone? I have 5 Blink Xt cameras and started having same issues with the IR this past week. All of June the IR worked great, then all of sudden second week of July started working half the time, and also recording dark. I removed batteries, replaced with new batteries, deleted cameras, deleted sync module, re-added everything on the blink app and problem remains. Then I saw this post where others have the same issue.

@Jess2, @Tori_At_Blink @Adam_at_Blink @Chris_at_blink should be able to help you with that

Thanks for tagging us in @Evan!

@Jess2 - It looks like your driveway camera has a failing battery and all cameras except the one named “extra” were updated to the latest firmware last sometime this morning after 9am. Watch for today/tomorrow and see if the issue is resolved. Just reply back here either way.

Also, firmware updates for cameras and sync modules are automatic, but they do take days to roll out because we are at almost 100,000 users online full time now, so we have a process that constantly combs the database for info on the connected devices and rolls out upgrades as it does, usually during non-peak time to prevent extra system load.

Thanks for the assistance @Evan and @Chris_at_blink. I submitted a help desk ticket too on the Blink website and received a response this morning. Someone from Blink updated my cameras except for the extra one I had offline. I turned it on now though and should be getting updated soon. My driveway camera says the battery is good, but I will definitely put in new batteries if I notice problems with that one. Thank you for the quick response and assistance. You guys are awesome!

hi folks.

I’m seeing this issue on 2 out of 6 of my cameras. My issue has a subtle difference. The first time I tried viewing these cameras at night, the IR appeared to work for about a second and then stopped. Sounds can still be heard, but they’re both pitch black. My other 4 cameras appear to be working fine at night and I can see moderate IR illumination. I can’t be certain, but I think that they’re dimmer than they used to be and changing the intensity appears to have no affect. Do you think this is related to the same root problem?

Also, can fw updates be pushed remotely to the devices? I’m not at the house right now and will not have access to either the sync modules or the cameras.

Thanks all!


@samlimster That was the exact same issue that I was having. It sometimes would record normal for a few seconds then turn dark. My other camera was also sometimes okay when the first camera was recording dark.

Blink is usually very good with their customer service and should reply within the hour. With that being said, they will likely send an update your way which will take place over night. They did with me and my cameras are working great again.

Thanks, @Evan! I forgot to mention that this only happened the first time I tried these cameras at night. Every time after that, the IR didn’t even engage so the video was completely black from the beginning.

Hope that Blink Support will be able to help me out with this!

Thanks again, @Evan!


No problem! Just realized its the weekend so I think they should send the update by Monday night, and reply Monday by morning/afternoon.

Fill out a ticket as well under support and explain the issue. It may expedite the process.

Also, are you sure the IR isn’t working at ALL? My issue was that it WAS working, but hardly at all. Not even really noticeable. The only reason I noticed it was working to some extent was because I have a bush right under the camera which was “glowing white” just a tad. I’ll attach a picture.

Best of luck,

I’m having the same problem with one of my XT cams (my Carport Cam). Recording and live view are very dark as if the IR illuminator is not working. However, when I go to live view I can see the red IR light but it’s not doing anything! Going to send in a support request.