Cameras not working http 406 error

First I’ve searched this issue and I’m seeing it happens with VPNs. I’m not using one and absolutely nothing has changed in my set up.
But last night my outdoor cameras went down (they’re the older ones with no monthly fees). When I tried to view them I got the HTTP 406 pop up error. At this time both the green and blue light was solid on the module. Then my newer wired indoor blink mini stopped working today. And the app is now telling me my sync module isn’t connected and the module is blinking the green light and has the option to reconnect to wifi. But if I try, I get the same 406 error the second I click Discover Device. I’ve used a paper clip and reset both the module and the mini. All I get is blinking lights and 406 errors. I’ve reset my router and modem and everything. Unplugged everything. I can’t think of anything else I can do aside from delete the whole system and start over. But I’m worried I’d still get the 406 error and be unable to do anything. I can’t do anything in the app without the 406 error. Can’t reconnect to Wi-Fi or anything.
Has anyone had this happen and were able to fix it? Again I’m not using a VPN and the set up hasn’t changed. Like I haven’t moved anything or nothing. So I don’t know why this suddenly happened. Any help will be appreciated.
Currently the module is blinking blue with a solid green light. and the mini is blinking green a few times then does a solid red orange light for a second then goes back to blinking green.

There are 3 other recent threads on this already. May want to search first before posting going forward

Well out of no where the error just stopped and the module and everything came back online. This whole ordeal was very strange and frustrating. But I’m glad it’s back.

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Appears you got lucky. Most with that error have been SOL thus far.

Quite possibly the error is on Blink server end and nothing wrong with your home network nor your Blink hardware. Also realize performance/reliability/support is better in USA than export countries per feedback we get from users here.

Check your home network performance and errors via this.

I would say “North America” rather than USA in regards to performance and reliability. I have no issues in Canada.

North America includes Mexico. Still wanna go there?

Details, details, details, you know what I meant :slight_smile:

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Canada is poorly represented around here. Hardly ever see somebody mentioning they are a Canadian customer. Company I retired from has a sister division in Burlington, Ontario. Their claim to fame was they are actually further south than our factory in Minnesota Odd, but true. My favorite part was the clear plastic money. Sooooo fake, it’s real.

I wouldn’t say Canada is poorly represented around here. Most of us just don’t run our mouths off like me :slight_smile:
And hey, at least we can tell our colourful money apart :slight_smile:

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Every now and then I post something that I know will get flagged and deleted. As Clint Eastwood would say…