Cameras for the CONSUMER?!?

I currently have (20) XT2 cameras around my home and property, with (10) more awaiting installation. I love these things.

Unfortunately, the $^%&* BIRDS and SQUIRRELS love to chew on them, and LATELY they have decided that the clear dome over the IR sensor is particularly delicious!

I wish I could buy replacement dome lenses for the IR sensors. RAIN can get into the cameras because the domes have been chewed off! Is my only recourse now, to drill a small “weep hole” in the bottom of the camera?!?

I wish BLINK would sell replacement camera ENCLOSURES (front and back)

I need to find some GAWD-AWFUL tasting hot pepper tape, or maybe a hot pepper liquid glue that owners can coat the exteriors of their cameras with, to prevent them from being EATEN! The green paste Japanese WASABE would work!

I am going to CVS to see about the stuff they paint on kids’ fingernails to keep kids from biting their nails or sucking their fingers. I have to do SOMETHING! My cameras are literally being EATEN.

I may have to fabricate a chicken wire cage around them, making sure the camera and IR sensor are not blocked by steel wire. This is a REAL PROBLEM! Someone needs to come up with an accessory that prevents this damage. I will buy them!


Here ya go!

Maybe try the white (foggy clear) instead of black. Who knows what those little peckers are racist.

An enclosed camera would kill the function of the PIR sensor - remember, it does not see thru glass. Add the foggy lens and IR ghosting issues while your at it. What you’re really looking for is an open vented enclosure.

Pump powered pellet gun works wonders.

Plan B is listen to this ol classic

You misunderstood me. By “new enclosure” I meant, a replacement set of the original camera body exterior parts, the from and back pieces that comprise the camera body. I don’t need to buy the internal parts, but new enclosures for the existing internal camera components would be great!

Ohhh, Hmm makes ya wonder what happens to all those dead cameras. Maybe lookup up “for parts only” on Amazon and Ebay.

There you go! I will BUY “dead cameras” with GOOD bodies! No internal parts needed! $10.00 each, plus shipping?

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