Cameras can be Accesed for live view but does not record

Two separate cameras I have replaced batteries everything is fine for about a month then stops recording. Live view access only, take batteries out reset’s issues but then comes back to doing the same thing.

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Same problem. New batteries, was working and now I have live view but it won’t trigger with motion. I have fought this for 18 months. I would return if I could. Total waste of money. Trashing the system and should have spent the big bucks on a good system in the first place.

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Same problem here on 2 different system locations with 3 synch modules and about 10 cameras. On wireless cameras. All 3 modules don’t record.

I’m having the same problem. I can access LiveView and Photos, but motion will not trigger a recording. I’ve tried in teasing the sensitivity without success. What causes an “event” to be triggered? Is it video based or other? I have three other cameras that are working correctly. Very frustrating.