Camera won’t work at night

I recently installed the XT2 camera and it works great in the day time with no connection issues or anything. But at night time I can’t get the night vision working unless I turn it to “on” instead of “auto” but that’s only helped to get me one Live Photo the whole night. Any other attempt to live view or snap a photo fails, is there a way to fix this or a setting I’m supposed to change? At first I thought it might’ve been a connection issue but the fact it works fine again in the daytime makes me thing it isn’t.

Do you get dark recordings, or no recordings at all? Did you test it indoors, in the dark, or simulated dark conditions. Could it be the batteries? Did you try brand new lithium batteries?

No recordings at all and every attempt to live view either says “live view failed” or “thumbnail failed.” Before we had it installed outside I had it pointed at my door from inside and the live views and thumbnails would work. After reading similar topics I think my infrared is being falsely triggered by a white car that is constantly parked in front of my house. I’m gonna play with some settings and test it tonight but if all else fails I might just have to position the camera somewhere else.