Camera triggering without motion

Recently one of my XT2 cameras has been triggering repeatedly without motion occurring. The camera will detect something (usually the neighbors cat), the camera will record for 15 seconds, and then the clip will stop. However, the camera triggers again ever 30 seconds or so, for about 10-15 minutes after the initial motion detected, and records videos of nothing. I’ve tried shortening the recording time, reduced sensitivity, I’ve changed the batteries, and cleaned the camera. Nothing seems to be fixing it, any suggestions? Anyone else dealing with this? I’ve included a picture of my app for reference.

It might be a spider or other bug flitting across the screen. That happens to me. You can see what seems to be a clue in the 11:45 recording, where a white object is at the bottom left.

This is an old thread without response, but yes, it’s a bug alright, a software/hardware bug. I have studied this issue carefully, with my own system, including lots of tests, and indeed it is covered on the Blink support site. Their recommended solution is to extend the retrigger time to greater than 15 seconds.

I think, if you have something close, that reflects some of the IR from the illuminator, back to the PIR sensor, which detects infrared, it can, wrongly, assume this is motion, so it triggers another event. This can go on, over and over again, until you get lucky, disarm the system, or disable motion on the camera.

Their solution is to extend the retrigger time to greater than 15 seconds and this does work, but it is a workaround at best.

As for the initial trigger, it could be anything, but it will be something genuine, and could indeed be a bug, or whatever. Thereafter, they are repeated false triggers. These false triggers can also be initiated by performing a live view.

Where data and power is at a premium, such as in one of my locations, where I utilise a super short live view to make sure all is well, being followed by 10 or 20 recordings, is frustrating, to say the least. Of course, once I worked out that quickly disarming the system would stop it, I could usually get it down to just two or three, but still annoying.

Having found their solution, I now avoid it altogether, but it’s a workaround. Why can’t I use the 10 second retrigger time?