Camera Triggered By Another Camera

I’ve put this idea out before; I wanted to address again to gauge current interest and discussion.

These are cheaper cameras, I get that. Thus the motion sensing isn’t enterprise level. Check.

However, The ability to have one camera trigger another camera to record would allow these cheap cameras to access otherwise enterprise level functions without adding cost to the hardware and minimal cost to application development.

This could also work with a stand alone remote motion sensing trigger. But I personally prefer the camera trigger as most people already have more than one camera.

Maybe I don’t understand. If someone is trying to break into my house through the front, why would I want the camera in the back yard to also be triggered to record when nothing is going on in the back yard? I am not a tech person but I don’t think a cheap camera would benefit from being connected to a better camera. It’s firmware will only do what it’s programmed to do. Connecting different cameras to an app like Blue Iris can add more settings to a point. Such cameras need to be RTSP ONVIF capable. It’s hard make a cheap system perform like an expensive one. Yes it costs more, but the best solution is to have a wired system with all cameras recording 24/7 to NVR or similar as businesses use.

What people want is if one camera goes active, make more or even all of them active. Idea is bad guy runs off and the more cameras filming, the more chance of additional footage. In essence, what they want is the 24/7/365 always on function but in a dirt cheap so easy Mom can do it package. They want it all, but don’t make me pay for it. And super duper don’t make me pay for installation, monthly fees, and OMG don’t make me read the owner’s manual.

Ok. So neither of you understand.

I am simply looking for the functionality for one blink camera to trigger recording on another blink camera.

This would allow you to setup your cheap cameras to capture more useful recordings. Hell, even trail cameras do a better job of triggered captures than Blink with grabbing recordings prior to triggered events.

Here is a scenario… I have two cameras to cover a long driveway. The first is perpendicular to the driveway and near the road entrance (this orientation is the BEST for triggering according to THE MANUAL). The second camera is closer to the house but points DOWN the driveway and towards the first camera.

If a car enters it will trigger camera 1 easily but will not catch the interaction on the recording completely as motion sensing doesn’t kick off until the vehicle is halfway past the camera. Sensing is just not robust on these cheap cameras.

The solution I proposed is to have the first camera 1 trigger recording on camera 2. Camera 2 would capture the ENTIRE trip down the driveway.

Not a lot of engineering here relative the insane amount of other things you could do with this feature add.

I’ll pay for it… How much would it cost to add a feature to the app? and I already pay for online storage. Not looking for 24/7 coverage just looking for more useful recordings.

Funny how quickly things devolve into useless engagements, bashing, and other trollish comments. There’s no wonder why this country is going down the shithole. You dolts know that you’re commenting/bashing on an IDEAS to make Blink cameras better thread right?

I was trying to help. If you were calling me a dolt, name calling is not nice. I get it, the feature you want. I don’t know of ANY battery Wi-Fi camera brands that do this. I can see where it could be useful in your long driveway scenario, you would have some more video to examine, but the clarity may not be as good on the second camera being further away, especially at night in terms of face identification. As you know, camera systems that record 24/7 don’t need your idea. Blink is not a technology leader, they want to keep a low cost entry level easy to use system many people want. Blink is still only 1080 resolution, limited functionality, when other companies are now 2K, 4K, seconds of pre motion recording, spotlight, siren, doorbell cam, etc. Maybe you have contacted Blink about your idea. I wish you luck that they will impliment it. Even if it only took Blink programmers a few hours to add this feature to their app, I’ll be surprised if they do it.

I know I am a top dolt. Not the very top, but damn close to it. How did I get there? By realizing after 3 years of ownership and reading thousands and thousands of posts here that…Blink implements less than 1% of IDEAS to make Blink cameras a better product.

So why is Blink so darn stupid (aka dolt) to not implement what customer’s want? The answer is within your Amazon account. Amazon bought Blink to implement Blink technology into other products besides Blink products. They also paid 10 times more for Ring than they did for Blink. Now you know why Blink is little growth and Ring growth is through the roof by comparison.

Want more and willing to pay more?
Let go of that never going to happen Blink wish list and buy a more capable brand.
Not willing to pay more?
A Wyze man vs. a Dolt is your answer.

You said it better than I and so succinctly…“never going to happen Blink wish list!” I love it.

I should have never learned to touch type. LOL