Camera / Sync Module / WiFi - Relationship

Hi All,

So I’ve got a new Blink system and for the price, I’m pretty happy so far. I’m wondering if there is a good FAQ or resource detailing the network of it all a little better.

As I understand it, the Sync Module connects to my Router.
The Cameras connect to the Sync Module.

What is the relationship of Camera to WiFi - because, As I see it the camera is not a registered device on my network, only the sync box has an IP.

My live view of an outdoor camera is hit and miss and I can see that the camera to wifi signal is poor. I’m happy to go down the road of extending my wifi coverage, but would like to understand the significance of this connectivity more.


Plenty of info in the FAQ, knowledge base, and this forum. Do some searching, and holler back with additional questions.

Thanks. I’d done plenty of reading but couldn’t quite find what I needed.

I’ve since found some resurces and answered my initial queries.

Do you know why the XT2 only establishes an IP connection when sending video or picture. Seems massively inefficient.

Battery life.

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Ah! Makes sense.

Nice one.

Lots of what you need and want to know is over on the support website. This is also the owner’s manual.

Regarding communication on camera and sync module read this one.