Camera stopped working

I have a indoor blink camera that has just stopped working for no apparently reason.
This camera is inside looking out a window, and is powered both by USB and batteries
Within the last week or so, the camera has completely stopped working.
When try to do a live view, I get a ‘Live Feed Failed’ message followed by a "oops something went wrong: message. This camera has brand new, fresh batteries in it. However, battery shouldn’t be the issue since since the motion is turned off.
Looking at some other problem solving steps, I deleted the camera from my account, and tried to add it back in, but the system will not let me, giving a “Camera not Found” Message


You should probably talk to support.

Asking staff members for help in the forum seems to be useful if your ticket is being ignored or support reps are having trouble resolving your issue.

But if you don’t open a ticket they can’t troubleshoot your specific problem.

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One issue I see is that you said it was plugged up via usb. Question, was it plugged up to a wall outlet. Do you have other items not working in your home because of a power surge. Also try unplugging your sync unit and see if it reconnects back up to the camera, also try deleting and reinstalling the app. Also, try to reset and setup all of your cameras again and see if that gets things working.Hope this helps!!

Had one response from Support, none of their suggestions worked. Hoping someone here might have thought of something new.

@DPChristman: since you’re an experienced user I assume you’ve checked all the signal strengths for this camera. Assuming this, I think you simply have a cam that has gone bad. Not much else to it.


I know that have been troubleshooting from there, and there has been one significant improvement.

I was able to add the camera back in to my account, but could not pull up video or thumbnail images (even standing right next to the sync module).

I currently show 5 bars camera to wifi, 5 bars camera to sync module, and 5 bars in the sync mod to wifi.

I should point out that this was the first camera I got from blink (pre-XT), so it does have some mileage on it.

@DPChristman: it seems to me you did everything you could. I really think you have a bad camera.

I think this be an issue with the ranger of the wifi in the camera itself. At the direction of Support, I moved cameras around, putting working cameras where this one was, and vice versa. Still no image.
Then, I stuck the camera literally on top of the sync module, and got an image. The camera clearly cannot transmit a signal as far as it could before.
note to @nick_at_blink @Bob_at_Blink

Also, I now have two cameras literally 5 inches apart.

One works fine, the other is the problem.

This is clearly an issue with the camera, and not my Wifi, router or sync module.

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Same exact. Issue today. 2 out of 7 cameras stopped working for no reason. On phone with tech support 2 hours. No resolution

Hi @DPChristman and @lkaufman,

This does sound like it is a hardware issue and if troubleshooting steps all fail that our support team should replace the camera for you. @DPChristman if email support is going nowhere I would recommend calling to resolve the issue, this should be much faster. And @lkaufman please keep us updated with how support resolves your issue.

Nick, thanks for the reply. I find it odd that 2 cameras would die at the exact time, but anything is possible. What is more troubling is your “off shore” support. 2 hours of repeating the same questions and not understanding basic trouble shooting. Absolutely horrible customer support from your off-shore team. After 2 hours, 4 calls and EXTREME aggravation, they finally decided to send replacements only after I escalated to supervisor.

Bigger issue is cameras are only lasting 4-10 months. Does not speak highly of quality.

How long will it take for replacements to arrive?

New Camera came today - Working fine


I have the same issue except all 3 of my cameras stoped showing live view. I have 2 sink modules this happened around Feb 11. I have spent several hours with support no help. All cameras working fine then stopped. Jim

i bought 2 outdoor ones and a indoor package. one of the outdoors stopped working last fall and they sent me another one. now the other 2 stopped working. i have opened up tickets 2 times. nothing they tell me to do has helped and when they cant fix them they just stop talking to you. im dont trying to get help. im going to check out another camera system. I have put in new batteries, hooked them to usb cord. i have great wifi and i actually have them in my livingroom next to my router. they are junk.

Three of mine quit at the same time. Three others that are new still work. I can arm and disarm them so I know they are connected but absolutely no video live or recorded.