Camera stopped working and wont reconnect to module

I’m having troubles with one camera and it has stopped working. I’ve tried switching batteries and reconnecting with no luck. The other two cameras are still up and running. I have followed the steps to connect it to the module by removing the batteries and rescanning and also by manual entry. It just searches then errors after a few minutes. I was wondering if I could have a bad camera?? of if there is something else I can try!
Thanks and any help is appericated.

Hook the camera up to usb power to ensure its not a battery issue. If it still won’t respond, I’d contact customer support

when i plug in the usb port to the module, where do the small end go???

In between your batteries on the back :slight_smile:

I had issues with one of ,y cameras, and when I called, they ask for information for the camera, and found out that it was an issue with the camera. They told me to send back the camera, and they would send a replacement, and I got the replacement before they got the camera that I sent back.

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Hi I’m trying to get my camera working at my new apartment and it was an old email that my account got hacked and I don’t have those email and I can’t get into my thing but y’all did send me some kind of activation number and I didn’t click in quick enough so can you please get back with me as soon as possible number is 423-490-5emphasized text

Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately no one here can help you as this is a customer to customer help forum. You will need to contact tech support to resolve this problem. Good luck!