Camera Serial number already registered to this account

New location, sync OK, doesn’t see camera. Thanks, paul

call customer support.

Clue is new location…Do you have a new modem, router, or internet provider? Blink servers think your system is already registered to someone else (you) - gives the camera already registered fault.

Besides knowing your sync module and camera serial numbers, the Blink system may also have into on your network goodies. If to much of the network changes, system faults out. Contact tech support for help in resetting to get running again.

Your mobile app has the into for the various way of contacting blink for help. The tech support phone number is the way to start.

They aren’t answering. They are sending you to voice mail. What happened with the 24x7 support

Very interesting. @Bob_at_Blink?

Not finding phone number??

Found number!

All I just tested all the numbers and options, they all worked for me. If you run into a issues please put detas in the post of what it was, phone number you called, options on the menu you selected and exactly what happens. Thanks! Bob

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The worst thing I wasted money on.

I’m having this same issue with one of my cameras. I had to change batteries and it wouldn’t pick up the camera so I tried removing it and adding it again, however now im getting this same error message. I contacted tech support and the rep is telling me its working, even though I sent her screenshots that it obviously isnt. I need this thing deregistered so I can try adding it again and they ain’t making this very easy for me. Why wouldn’t there be an option to deregister your own camera from your own account, I don’t understand why it needs to be so complicated.