Camera serial does not match region of the Synch Module of this system

We’ve had many posts on this subject from all over the world. A USA sync module WILL work outside of its region BUT you must have the same region cams as the sync module. You can’t mix and match cams and sync modules of different regions…

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I recall some people complaining last year that their US sync module and cameras weren’t working when they tried to register from another region of the world.

In reference to @clinto69’s question:

If they wanted to, they could prevent US-region devices with IP addresses that aren’t in the US from connecting to Blink cloud servers.

I have no way of confirming or refuting whether they do this since I’m in the US. But the technical possibility certainly exists.

Same problem also.1st set bought from Amazon de and 2 set’s from Amazone com…waiting technical support.

same here in hong kong. i have the first gen blink for years, i want a upgrade so purchase 2 additional xt2 from and thing just go wrong.