Camera serial does not match region of the Synch Module of this system

I believe Blink licensed their products to be sold under AZtech. Packaging is identical to the ones I got directly from Blink, and even the app also uses Blink app.

Yes that’s what I’m asking.

Did Immedia semiconductor (the name of the company that created Blink cameras) have an official deal to allow this company to resell Blink cameras in Singapore?

Or does this company buy in bulk from an official retail channel and resell them in another country where the cameras weren’t intended to be used?

Hi @daniel.yrh and @marktheknife,

AZtech is our manufacturer and they also have a license to sell our products under their “by AZtech” brand in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Thanks for clarifying, Nick!

It seems @daniel.yrh makes a fair point then, that this licensed seller should disclose to customers in Asia that they can’t mix and match cameras and sync modules from other regions!

All I want is to expand my current Blink setup to cover outdoors, the XTs were not sold under Aztech and I had to source them from US/UK.

I have the same problem.I got three cam in US e bay , they work fine , so i buy a new one in Hong Kong computer shop, but it cannot connect to my synch module , now I know i waste my money.

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That’s tough dude.
It’s possible to get the different sync unit one day that will let you talk to the cameras that won’t connect to your original sync

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I hope so…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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hI christine lam are U living HONG KONG ? CAN WE EXCHANGE THE CAM ? I buy from hong kong.pls feel free to contract me , thanks buddy.

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Hi Julian, I bought one camera and one Sync unit from Blink USA and 3 cameras and one Sync unit from EBay.

All cameras work on my Ebay Sync module but I cannot get the USA Sync module to work. I was never told about regions either. Even my US purchased camera will not work on my US Sync module. I live in Australia.

Most here seem to have camera issues - I have Sync module issues.

But here is the critical point - how do we match like for like? I see NO markings from Blink telling me what region my equipment belongs to and where my Ebay units are supposed to operate and only because I purchased directly from the US do I know my other unit is for the US

Hi @joejoe,

I would recommend going straight to support with this issue. They should be able to diagnose and help you resolve this issue. You can either submit a support ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK. Keep me updated!

Hi Nick I have raised a ticket and waiting for a response. If someone could just tell me where I go to purchase a non USA region locked system it would be a great.

Hi Everyone that has contributed to this thread.

I am updating my case after getting my Blink support ticket sorted. Here is a quick summary of my problem:

I had a working system purchased from Ebay (wasn’t able to tell where it was purchased from USA or UK) but when I tried to add another sync module and camera that I purchased from Blink direct from the USA I was only able to connect the USA camera. The sync module would NOT connect and a replacement sync module also would not connect.

My first thought after reading this thread was that maybe I had a ‘region lock’ issue - but the camera I had purchased from Blink in the USA was working. Is it just the sync module that is region locked I wondered?

Well check this out everyone! You are able to confirm whether your issue is a region lock problem by a simple check. Have a look at your serial number and the THIRD number of your serial number MUST match on all the connecting items for there to be NO conflict. USA is ‘0’ (zero) and ALL my equipment has a serial number with a third digit matching Zero. Therefore, NO region lock issue. I live in Australia and I am using all USA equipment so the description of ‘region locking’ is a little misleading. If all the equipment has matching third digit (i.e. third serial number digit) is for the USA it will work here - this was also confirmed by Blink support

This valuable piece of information provided by customer support allowed me to immediately determine that I had a faulty sync module and NOT a region lock issue.

Hope this helps someone from a lot of unnecessary frustration. It sure helps with problem solving.

I have a new sync module on its way and hope this is the end of my issues once it arrives.

Oh yes! My original Ebay purchase is still working brilliantly and I am very happy with this system.

Regards to all…

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Thanks for sharing and clarifying that info @joejoe!

Hi joejoe
Some good info there, I live in Spain and have a Blink cam system at my property here, I bought my system as a complete system from It works perfectly.
I’d like to buy another complete two camera system from, and install it at my mum’s place in South Africa, I’ve read up on the region blocking info on the blink website.
Do you reckon I’d be able to run what amounts to two different, complete cam systems bought form, in two different countries, in two different regions on my phone?
Any insight would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Smugmug, I have not been in a position to test two different systems on the same phone in your region so I don’t know if it will work.

However, I can tell anyone reading this that I am now running two Sync modules with two cameras on each ALL with the third serial number of ‘zero’ on all components in Australia. Also, I am using a Powerline WiFi extender (renamed to be the same as my modem) to get better signal strength to the sync modules and cameras.

All are working excellent now. The trick to getting the system to work is having the third serial number (zero) the same on everything - at least in Australia.

Hope this helps.


The earlier information I provided is exactly what I was told by at least 2 tech support officers BUT I have been assured by the people in the Blink Sales Department that USA region units will all work on any USA region locked Sync Module. I have no way to confirm either piece of information that I have been provided BUT I do know that as long as the 3rd serial number is matching on all the equipment (whatever it is) they will work together. I have been assured that there are a number of different 3rd digits for the USA equipment but I am not going to repeat them here because I have been given a variety of different numbers all supposedly signifying USA region. I have been told that the third digit is European if it is a number one (1). Mine are all zero third digit on the serial numbers and they all work together - the rest I cannot confirm due to the confusion surrounding this issue. I’m trying to help but it ain’t easy.

Perhaps Blink could put out an article on this and get the information clarified for those that need to know how this works.

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Wow, i wish i had found this forum earlier. Im based in Malasyia and have the Aztech Blink Cameras set up. Order and just received from the Amazon USA a Blink XT2 and I also cant connect it to my Sync Module.
Years on and Blink still does NOT make this easily known for the average consumer. There should be no reason for this. Region locked, give me a break! But worse not to publicly post on Amazon or Blin k website that they are Region locked.
Anyway, enough of my rant. Can anyone conform that if i go back and buy a US Sync module that it should be able to connect to that? Seems silly to have to have 2 different sync modules but if thats what it takes I guess I have no choice.

Unfortunately no. A US sync module will not work for you.

Why not? I dont see any technical reason why a US XT2 camera would not sync with a US Sync module, no matter what country you are in. Why do you think not?