Camera serial already registered to a different account

I purchased a 5 camera system used from Amazon. when attempting to add a camera i got the error “Camera serial already registered to a different account”. Any suggestions how to reset the camera’s?

Hi @yuan_wang,

Thanks for posting on our Community Forum. We currently have area where most people post about this issue located here, however I can reach out to you in regards to this problem via our Support Ticket method.

I have same problem. I need help!.
I want to setup for me and my son can control Blink Camera, but only my son phone is working ,I have been try to setup from my phone it’s doesn’t work. It’s show camera already registered to a different account.

One account (credentials) per system. You’ll have to use your son’s credentials.

Having issues setting up a new blink XT2 device, saying it is already registered!! Cam i get help as soon as possible please if anyone can help

Here we go again…
Did you purchase a previously-owned device? If the prior owner did not de-register it, you’re out of luck.