Camera offline notification ( to fight jammers)

I had a theft and blink was armed and nothing was recorded. It appears that they were using jammers.
So easy and so brilliant.
I suggest that blink will make and alert notification when a camera goes offline. Looks to me very easy upgrade and so important!

How do you know they were using jammers?

Blink has “offline” notifications…they’re just not immediate. I think the timeout is 30 minutes.


The offline notification is only when the base goes offline. When jammers are being used the base is still connected because it is wired not the cam.

Nope. If a cam goes off line you should get a notification. Jammers? Highly doubtful.

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I have a discrete selector for “camera offline” on iOS. I don’t see one on android.

System offline and device offline are options in android. System is sync module and device is camera if I understand this correctly.


My phone is on 8.1, and my notification page looks nothing like yours!

Mine looks like this, bar the fact that that some are missing at the bottom. All do not fit because I use a large font.

Yea, mine is like that, with “system offline” at the bottom (cut off on your screen shot).

Mine is Samsung Galaxy 5 (ya old school as hell) and Blnk XT. No indoor cams and no XT-2 cams. My stuff still works cause it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. The new stuff is plagued with firmware and software/app updates. I also don’t have any smart home devices, no damn ding dong doorbell camera, no echo this or alexa that.

I learned a long time ago, never ever let the tail wag the dog. Keep it simple and it works. Well as good as Blink can work for an entry level home monitoring device. Don’t kid yourself, it is not a home security system.


I am 100% sure a “jammer” wasn’t used. I’ll put money on it.

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Really… I am sure they have . I can see a cat at 3:55 and 10 minutes after that they have entered the home crossing 2 cams or more. And one hour after that I can see the cat wondering at the cam…
It is an easy way to enter through wireless cam without triggering it. 75$ and you got yourself a jammer …
That easy. What I don’t understand is why blink wont add this small feature that will enable us to get notify when it happens.

Study why Amazon bought Blink and you’ll have your answer.

Just pray Obama doesn’t wanna jam at your place.

I have been dealing with this for the last 3 years! Some one with a jammer has been trimming my tree but blink tells me its NOT possible… I use a back up cam it shuts down for 30 minutes at a time while they trim the tree-- J. Maple-- crown jewel in my yard-- I have a new cam to install but since it works off wi-fi I think the same thing will happen also… I wanted a hard wired cam I may still send it back, yet… so tired of this crap… Isn’t there an un-jammer somewhere? or something that will stop the jamming from happening so I can catch this fool?

Welcome to the forums! Buy and install a trail cam in a hidden location.