Camera not recording soon enough

How can I set the camera to begin recording sooner? The Amazon guy, it didn’t begin recording him until after he delivered my package. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Blink forgot to tell you to test drive the camera inside your home before you mount it outside making the assumption that it would just work without any problems. The inside your home testing will make you realize camera angle, height, position, and travel direction of object to be detected all come into play.

For more info, check out Blink’s support website. Look up subjects…camera mounting, PIR sensor, mobile app settings.

What Joel said. In the mean time try increasing the sensitivity.

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Start here

All of that information is fine. But I have already mounted my camera. And no matter which angle I face it towards it always starts too late and I miss the event. It seems there must be a way to start recording earlier. Otherwise I love this camera!

POP quiz for you.

How does a PIR sensor work?
What is the distance specification for the PIR style motion detector?

If you can’t answer these two questions correctly, then you may be assuming the capability of the camera is more than what it can actually do.

You are no help! :joy:

I don’t give out correct answers on a silver platter on a consistent basis anymore as Blink refuses to pay those in the know. So I give out clues instead. Some people can do research and learn. Some people cant.

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Maybe you could just try not replying to any of my troubleshooting questions if you’re going to be a smart-■■■ about it. Although I do my searching first maybe I’m not searching long enough for you. Try helping people instead of hindering them.

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I can tell you from my own experience with cameras that use the technology that these and several other brands do to detect motion/movement, these cameras definitely struggle more trying to detect when the subject is moving from a distance directly towards the camera straight on. They do a much better job detecting movement crossing their field of vision from left to right or right/left rather than something or someone coming straight at it. If the issues that you are having occur primarily when the subject is moving straight towards the camera rather than entering from left or right of frame and moving across the field of view, it’s very likely an unfortunate shortcoming of the camera’s technology used to detect. I experienced this with several of my prior camera’s positioning and ended up getting better results when I moved them to a different position to gain more of a view where subjects are entering frame more side-to-side than straight towards it. I realize this isn’t always possible depending on your situation and options for the area you’re looking to cover, but if possible consider trying this to see if your results improve.

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what this guy said…100%

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Thanks! To you both!

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