Camera is recording when being viewed live

Hi All,

I’ve got XT2 5 camera unit. I’m only using 3 of them so far, but for some odd reason, only one of them is doing this.
The whole system is disarmed by the way, but this camera record when being viewed live.
Just wondering what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve factory reset, removed the camera but still doing this.

Edited: the “Save of all love view” is switched off.
Also what I’ve noticed, that it will only record when I’m viewing live during the evening times. (only for this camera). And also there’s nothing in schedule section.

Firmware is the latest according to the app. Please help. Thanks

Mine always records when i view may be a setting to look for

Go to account settings then click on the name of your cams under system settings (my house or what ever you calledit)
at the bottom switch for save all lie views

Thanks, but I’ve mentioned that that’s option. Is already disabled.

Sometimes, but not always, the system will trip, and start a recording, directly after the live view. It is a known bug that has been around as long as XT cameras have been out, and maybe before with the white indoor cameras, but not sure about that.

It was so bad at one point, that once live had been viewed, it would make recording after recording, because the act of recording would also trip it to record again. It was not uncommon for it to make 10 or even more recordings.

I thought this had been completely fixed, but just this afternoon, I watched live on an XT camera of mine, and then got an alert about a recording.

To confirm this is what is happening to you, you need to make something move during live view, i.e. walk in front of the camera, then clear the view, exit live view, and see if the recording you get was the actual live view of you walking past, or see if it was a recording triggered just after you cleared the view.

If the latter, the workaround fix that could be found in this forum, once upon a time, was to set the re-trigger time to 15 seconds or longer.

Something about viewing live triggers a false response from the PIR sensor, but nobody seems to fully understand why. Maybe the actual Blink engineers do, but support certainly do not. Setting the re-trigger time to longer, probably gives it long enough to all calm down again before it becomes active once more.

On the camera I just had the issue with, my re-trigger time is set at the minimum of 10 seconds, and funnily enough, I actually want to be able to trigger a recording, which you can’t officially do with an XT, only an XT2, so I was quite pleased to have got the recording, lol.