Camera is connected but not working

camera says last updated today, firmware 7.96 full signal on both camera to wifi, and camera to sync module.
I get a red light in the motion sensor, but camera is not working, i can not access live view or update thumbnail
battery is good early notification is on. only 1 of three on the system, others work fine. randomly stopped a week ago and will not seem to work anymore

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Have you tried resetting the camera? Replacing the batteries?

I have not replaced the batteries, its only a month old, and says the batteries are good. and its showing up on the system.

The battery indicator is not reliable. Try replacing the batteries and let us know,

Or, at least reset the camera.

If you’re certain that it’s not the batteries, contact support for additional help.

I’m having the same issue. Same update.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled. Reset the sync modules and even deleted the camera and sync modules and added them back. Nothing from the camera. The batteries are practically new. I can see the red light blinking on the camera, so I would think that means the batteries are good.

Curious to hear what you found.

Same issue here. 2 of my 5 cameras have stopped working. Have tried all of the trouble shooting, but no luck. Really frustrated and would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Contact support. They have debug tools…we don’t.

If you think it’s a firmware issue. Reset your camera, to the factory release firmware, by following the reset instructions which can be found in this forum. Flashing red light means it’s updating the firmware, but it should not stay on long, which suggests it’s stuck.

Here is a link to some instructions:

Following this, and getting things going again, it should soon update itself, to 7.96, which seems to be the current version for an XT2. If it doesn’t, maybe you have a faulty camera, and you should contact support.

update: after deleted, and re added new batteries and it works.
thanks guys

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Reset did not work for me. Contacted support and a new camera was mailed as I was still in the warranty period. Shipping the old camera back today.

Try this easy fix first before you go renaming cameras, re-syncing etc. My cameras weren’t recording as well and when I selected a Live Photo or video, the wheel just kept spinning.

I went into each of my 5 camera’s settings. I clicked on “Update” at the bottom and clicked “Save”. Everything is working again! Hope this helps someone!!!