Camera Installation on Siding

Hello, Yesterday Best Buy folks installed 2 cameras for our town home, I feel that both the cameras are not capturing what i wanted because of the Vinyl SIding its mounted on. What can I do to make this better? the tech installed with what he had in the package and cant move the camera to where I want to capture as the siding is blocking it, its focusing on houses next to us than our house, are there any other mounts I can use to make this better… Suggestions please…Thanks Paul

The mount on vinyl siding has been talked about here a few times in the past. Type vinyl siding into the search function magnifying glass icon and read those articles. It works just like typing something into google.

Thanks, looking now…

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Be better if you posted a pic, as I am not clear what the issue is(it might not be needing to attach to vinyl siding) . But I use vinyl siding clips on mine. type blink vinyl siding clips into amazon, and you will get many choices.