Camera icon in my Blink Apps

Today I opened my phone( samsung Galaxy 5) to the Blink app named Home 1. In the front main screen. At the right bottom corner of the screen is a camera icon not the video icon that i’m talking about. I clicked it and it took a photo shot or clip of my living room. I then closed the app but, now every time i open my Blink app I see this photo shot or clip.Is this how the camera works?. I looked in settings to see if there was a way to delete or remove this photo shot but, i didn’t see anything that can do that in settings. Can you tell me how to remove the photo shot or clip from the main screen?.Thank you

Did you read the online owner’s manuals yet?

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If I understand your question the answer is yes, that’s how it works. To change the picture just snap another one of a subject that you want to see when you open the app.

You can’t. You took a picture of your living room as a “representation” of what that camera is pointed to and what it will record when needed. If you want a different picture, point it somewhere else and take a different picture.

Out of curiosity, what was the picture before? It should have been something you took when originally setting up the camera.

That photo is also the image you need to use to set up Activity Zones for motion detection.

The first time I opened up my Blink app on my phone I would see no picture on the screen (blank) only when I turned on the video for viewing. Out of been curious I pressed the camera icon in the right bottom corner and mistakenly took a picture, Which I’ve been trying to remove or make it go into a blank screen. So if I was to take a picture of my cat the camera will only record the cat only because the picture is representing what the camera is going to record, is that right?. Question can these cameras be hacked?. I heard of another system that got hacked just most recently. Thank you

@Rosalie_Rivera_jojo , I do suggest you read the user manual. There is a lot of good information on there.

the short answer is: no. The camera icon just takes a still photo. Mostly, this is just used as a visible thumbnail for you to see which camera you’re looking at. It has no variance on motion detection or recording.

Can the cameras be hacked? Sure. Anything with a connection to the internet can be hacked. It’d be difficult, and not something people do very often at all. The most common way things get hacked is that some gets ahold of the email and password from a data breach, and find other sites that use that combination.

Example: I used a certain email address for a social media site (Myspace) as a did Netflix. Myspace had a data breech, in which my email address and password was obtained (one of hundreds of thousands in that breech). Someone figured out that i used the same combination for netflix…and BAM! I had a netflix log in from Brazil.

Moral of the story, use a junk email for…well junk, and a special email for more important things, like banking. Don’t reuse passwords, and use 2FA when possible.

but no, it’s highly unlikely a red hat hacker will just bust down the digital door and view your cameras.

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