Camera Doesnt View on Echo 5

I just installed a 5 camera system. I also installed the Alexa app to view on my Echo Show 5. 3 of my cameras work fine, but I have 2 that will not view on Alexa when asked. It states “waiting for Blink” for approximately 10 second, does not show the camera view and then goes back to my normal Echo screen. However, when I open the Blink app on my phone, the clips from my request to Alexa are logged? I deleted the camera from Alexa and reinstalled these cameras. Still no change. What can I do to correct this issue?

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I fixed the problem. I had to enable the microphones.

Thank you for the tip!!! I’ve been struggling with this after changing the batteries for 2 weeks!!! VERY happy now - it works again!!!

I am glad it helped you. This was shared with me when I contact Blink

Had the same problem, enabled the microphone on camera, works ok now, Thanks