Camera detecting outside of activity zone

I set the activity zone using the advanced tab. The entire street is grayed out. The camera still triggers an alert when a car drives by. Any idea why this might be happening?

Does it happen only at night? If yes, then it is headlight glare, across your non-greyed out zones.

If it happens in the daytime too, then it will be reflections of the sun, or shadows of the vehicles, being cast by the sun, into the non-greyed out area.

Upload a clip to you tube, and we’ll take a look to see what can be seen. Honestly, it’s usually pretty obvious, just by watching the clip, that you will see ‘apparent’ motion in the active zone, even if it is just a change of brightness.

Thanks for the reply. I understand at night the car lights can trigger the alarms. But during the day a school bus triggers it and I have my zones cut way back from the street. Shadows triggering the alarm - didn’t know that could happen. Seems like the only option is to point the camera itself away from any potential area of false triggers which could reduce the coverage capability of the camera.

The gray activity zones don’t work very well. This has been complained about for a long time with Blink customers. One camera I aimed away from the street, no vehicles in the view. Another camera I put a piece of tape over the top half of the motion sensor. I still have street view but the camera will not trigger when vehciles drive by. Blink is a good basic starter system. But other brands do much better with resolution, features. I have some 4K Reolink cameras with person/vehicle detection. They do a very good job facing the street. Other brands have person/vehicle/package detection. It really helps a lot. Blink does not have this and they don’r seem interested in upgrading to better features.

I’ve had the same problem since I bought my Blink camera. I’ve grayed out zones, but a large vehicle will trigger the video. It’s definitely grayed out, and a large truck, school bus, etc. will always trigger it. The feature to block part of the activity zone does not work.

Dirty secret is Blink releases some new features as BETA level feature. BETA = testing via it’s current customers to see how good/bad that new feature works. The problem is, that feature moves from BETA to full production incorporated into brand new item sold. There is no mention of BETA status anymore.

That being said, a new or even an existing customer that purchased more Blink hardware would expect the feature to work 100% as advertised. Bottom line, activity zones never worked 100% accurately during BETA and still doesn’t today.

Like motion detection, that works but not 100% accurately… Good enough for most people to not return the device for a 30 day refund. Amazon is smart enough to know how much bullshit you’ll put up with aka keep it or return it. Blink price is low enough that most people just shrug their shoulders and say F it, I’ll keep it.