Camera Busy, live view fail, app fail

A reboot/reset option for users would be nice. Removing the batteries from my XT involves a ladder, removing the camera from the mount, opening the camera, reinstalling, and readjusting. PITA! Also, something that could be impossible in the winter months. Finally, a SW reset feature means that I can do it remotely.


That would be way too easy :grinning:


I just received my second camera yesterday and it is not acting right compared to my current camera. The camera takes 2 to 3 attempts to view live. There is full bars on the WiFi and Camera Module. And forget about taking a snapshot, for some reason that’s harder then live view.

I’m going to reset everything as per the trouble shooting and Joel’s recommendations. Great idea for an auto reboot via the app!

The camera didn’t have any protective film over the lens. And I could swear that the first camera I bought also had a protective plastic around the sides. This one did have it on the back only.

Well I returned that camera and ordered a new one. The new Camera works perfect so far. So that other camera was definitely repackaged from amazon after someone returned it and sent to me which pisses me off! They are great about returns though. And I love these cameras so far!

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As of a couple of days ago, this has been driving me mad! First the sync unit kept disconnecting from wifi intermittently and getting it connected again has been a matter of repetition - constant restarts and fails and restarts and fails - then when it connected it did so just for one night and went off again. It’s back now but all the cameras are ‘busy’ or have no signal, they don’t refresh their connection, and only one is reacting to movement albeit without sending any clips. They’ve been perfect up to now (just a few months) but at the moment I’d happily throw the lot of them out if it weren’t for that fact they add up to a lot of money. I’m going to try rebooting the cameras tomorrow as someone has suggested elsewhere and I’ll report back. If anyone from Blink is looking in, do you have any thoughts about this?

Solved, at least for now. I deleted the whole thing - three cameras and the sync module - and reinstalled from scratch. No connection problems this time and they all seem to be hooked up and communicating. As I say, so far so good :slight_smile:


Hey @DrSuzanne_Conboy-Hil,

I am really sorry you were having this issue and that it took my so long to reply! If this issue happens again, please contact support directly so they can help you resolve ASAP. You can either submit a support ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465.

Hello Nick,
Yes, I did contact Support who offered some initial ideas - a starter pack if you like - but I’d already done those things so I took a deep breath and deleted all the devices - cameras and sync module - then reinstalled them and they connected right away. The wifi wobbles sometimes but I think that’s a local problem and nothing to do with Blink. I have the sync module connected by cable to a Devolo Powerline and that seems to help. So we’re back in business and I can go on spotting the wildlife in my garden after dark, but more importantly (to me) I can track any of my cats I’ve not been able to lure back indoors at bedtime so at least I know they’re not actually missing if I don’t see them myself till they stroll in the next day for lunch!

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You mean you plugged the sync module’s Ethernet port into a powerline adapter?

The Ethernet port on the sync module is actually completely non-functional. Older versions of the sync module have one but they never turned it on. Newer versions don’t even have the Ethernet port.

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I did, and it’s working when it didn’t before so …


The Ethernet port is 100% non-functional.

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Are you technical support?

Nope, just a guy with a Blink XT camera that likes to read and post here.

If you are only interested in hearing the same thing from the blink employee that manages this online community, see any of the below posts:


I’m interested in what everyone has to say and then I compare these suggestions to my own observations. At the moment, the ethernet cable (that was my own idea, not Blink Support) is winning whether or not that’s entirely down to the placebo effect. :slight_smile:

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My apologies, I probably inferred a dismissive tone that wasn’t really there.

Placebos can certainly have their place, and i am glad your connection problem has improved, but if it recurs I would suggest not spending any time trying to troubleshoot the Ethernet connection since that will not be time well spent.

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It wasn’t connected (if it is connected that way at all) by ethernet when all the problems of disconnection began and it hasn’t disconnected since I plugged in the ethernet cable. It’s a complicated system and my devices switch among networks depending on which signal is strongest. Could be that tethering the sync module via the powerline stops it seeking other signals. Speculation but that’s solved problems for me before so I’m not knocking it. You can bet if it goes toes up again though, I’ll be back :slight_smile:

Hi @DrSuzanne_Conboy-Hil,

I am glad your issue has been resolved! It is true that the ethernet port is not enabled, but hey, if it works, why change it? :grin:

Haha - well it must be magic then!

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My camera is an hour away, removing the batteries is not an option.
Seems one issue after another. Now my camera 2 will not sync to the cloud, live view fails however wifi and sync are fine.
Go figure.

Hi Sheryl

Try pressing the update button, and see if you still have good signals reported. I suppose it’s almost up to date, but just check. If it can’t do that either, then that could explain why they show good, but maybe aren’t. Also, I’m sure it’s fine, but check sync module to WiFi, by selecting the cloud icon, to see what is reported there.

Do you have any other devices in the vicinity of the router, that you could use to check internet connectivity? The problem with Blink’s message there, is that it doesn’t help anyone to determine if the failure to contact the cloud is lack of WiFi connectivity, or literally lack of internet access.

Lastly, I think that support can reboot a camera, for users who can’t access their cameras easily, like you an me both, so it might be worth raising a ticket to see if they can do that. Maybe if it isn’t connected they can’t, but you never know.

Could it also be that Bob is pushing out an advance copy of the updated firmware to your camera, to test the IR fix, so it is temporarily offline whilst that is happening?