Camera Blinking Red


We’ve had the Blink Tx2 for a couple of months now. And the back camera is now flashing about 5 times red, the camera won’t let us connect to it, view or do anything to it. It happened after replacing the batteries to it.

Any ideas on how I can get this fixed ASAP as we need security at the back of our home.

So, first off, let us get out of the way the fact that you’re demanding help from a group of fellow users. If you want help from the company, you should contact their support.

That said, if it’s blinking red, my first thought would be replacing the batteries… but you said you did that, so my next thought would be to try a factory reset of it by pulling the batteries, holding down the reset pin, replacing batteries, and then releasing the pin after about 15 seconds.

It’s also worth asking if you checked the voltage of the replacement batteries, since just being new means nothing… (or, as we say in the computer industry… “NEW stands for Never Ever Worked”.

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