Camera acting as a security light

I couldn’t find a place to ask this question, so here it is. Tonight my XT2 cameras (only 2 of them) have started illuminating the area where there’s motion. I have several cameras, but these are the only ones doing it and I never noticed them doing it before. Are they supposed to do that?

Define illuminating. You mean like the camera view area has night vision in the video clips. Or like a flood light bulb so a human eye can see night turn into daylight.

Like a flood light so that the human eye can see.

Film that with your phone camera and post it here via YouTube. You may become Blink’s free prize winner for the month of September.

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Since none of Blink outdoor cams have a flood or spotlight it’s impossible for the Blink cam to be doing this. The old, white indoor cams have an LED that would do as you say.

I sent in a clip showing what I was seeing. I know that there is a simple explanation for what I saw, but it is still curious. I took it down and double checked it and for sure, it doesn’t have any place for the light to come out. I don’t know how to upload it. Another thing I noticed that might have been happening, is that two of them might have been responding to each other.

Is the clip B&W? My night vision clips are quite good…and quite bright!

I have to see this! Have someone help you upload the video.

I’ll try to upload it, but not sure how. I noticed that it’s not doing it anymore, but thank goodness I downloaded it. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation, but it was kind of crazy lol

I can’t figure out how to upload a few pictures of it, so don’t give up on me. BTW, this is his wife, Sue who has been posting

I keep checking it out to make sure that it wasn’t a reflection of the flashlight, but I can see where it’s still on when he’s turned away from the cameras, and other times nobody is out there. I don’t think there’s anything on the cameras where there could be that big of a reflection, and only 2 of them are doing it. Lately I haven’t noticed whether or not they’re still doing it.

Try shutting the spotlight off and take a picture of the camera.

There is just physically no way that your XT2 cameras is producing that light.
Here’s what I would like to see. Take one of the cameras you say are doing this inside, into a Dark room in your home, a controlled environment. And see if you can replicate it there, if you can, take photos of the issue happening, then take pics at the exact same angle with the lights on of the camera where it was placed inside.

Actually, that is exactly what a triggered XT2 camera would look like, when photographed, or videoed, by another XT2 camera, or any other Blink camera, at night. The IR light is a super bright infra red LED, and Blink XTs or any other Blink camera, are very sensitive to infra red, hence the ability to illuminate and record a fairly large scene, using just the tiny LED on the front, which appears to be red, and dim, when viewed by our infra red insensitive eyes.

You can see the XT camera on the corner of the building, just at the top right corner of the ladder. This shot is a shot of it when a recording has not been triggered, on that camera, thus the IR LED is not turned on.

That having been said, this thread is from around 6 months ago, so I’m sure it’s been solved by now.

Right but the OP is stating that they are physically LIGHTING up like a spot light in plain view, not photographed. But you are right I didn’t see the date on this :slight_smile: