Business Inside Compares 6 Home Security Cameras

Interesting read comparing various home security cameras such as Blink, Ring, Wyze and more! Check out the article below.


If Blink were to enable the USB port on the sync module for local storage that would bring Blink upward the list. In the event the local storage was free, Blink would be a stronger contender. When Wyze camera was introduced many questioned the technical aspects of the camera, such as where exactly is the data being sent and who has access. With such a low price I was skeptical as well, in my limited search Wyze labs were responsive to security concerns. According to various tech sites, Wyze Labs team has been “vetted” by different sources. At that pricing Wyze is easy to want to consider, depending on what your needs are in a camera. Their cameras do need to be mains powered and indoor only, but at that price, people will and have placed them outside, some with a housing cover and others in covered areas of their property.


What RightHand said is it.

I now have 4 wyzecams, at $30, it’s not much, plus throw in an sd card. Motion detects work through the windows and I can set the motion detection zones. With the notification clips, I can then just go and check the full recordings on the sd card.

Blink is fine for certain uses and I still have three XT in use where I don’t have a proper power source outside. Though I do have wyzecams pointed out from inside in the same area as the XT to get the full recordings though not entirely same view. I have two sync modules because of the way scheduling works on Blink whereas Wyzecam can set schedule per camera which is helpful.