Bug: the "All/None" button filter does not get saved

On the clip screen in the app, if you select any of the cameras or sync modules to filter on, when you tap off the screen and come back, that filter is saved (if it’s set to save in the settings).

But if you tap on All/None to filter by all the cameras or none of them, that never gets saved, and it will always revert back to the previous filter when leaving the screen.

Since I have a lot of cameras and multiple sync modules, this has become kind of a pain, because if I ever filter by a camera, to then select all the cameras again, I have to scroll down and tap on each sync module instead of just hitting the All button.

Good suggestion. I often wish Blink’s mobile app was customizable per individual user as well as per camera. It should be more feature rich like ADT and Lorex. But then I remember who Blink marketed their product to. Consumers that bought Blink on it’s entry level price, no monthly fees, and so simple mom can do it as the saying goes. No way inexperienced and non techy consumers are gonna figure out how to setup the ADT and Lorex software. Low price and KISS approach is what has kept Blink a winner for the entry level little to no experience crowd.

Those of us that can handle a more robust feature populated software, the hindsight is 20/20 applies. Should have spent more and gotten more. That fits me 100% but I’m a cheapazz so I bought Blink. After 3-1/2 years of Blink use, it’s good enough for simple entry level home monitoring - record the porch pirates and package delivery events. Blink has not moved past it’s original intent. The blue running man in the mobile app…that’s a porch pirate icon. .

That does indeed sound like a bug. No request for an extra feature here, just a feature that is already there, that is not behaving as designed.

That having been said, posting here will achieve nothing, other than maybe you will have others confirm the errant behaviour. If you want it fixed, you need to raise a support ticket, to actually bring it to Blink’s attention. I suggest doing so, if you haven’t already.

Fingers crossed it has the desired effect.