Broken spring under battery

I have a camera with a caroded and broken spring under the battery. Can I buy parts for my camera?

Doubtful - I’ve never heard of replacement parts being available except for mounts, back covers etc. I do know that Blink does not repair cams. Were you using the required Lithium batteries? I haven’t heard of them leaking - sounds more like alkaline battery leakage.

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Send a photo to support, and plead your case. You never know!

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For that matter, in case you are unsuccessful with support, post a photo in here. There’s a lot of creative guys who might be able to make a suggestion, in the absence of the real part.

I’ve not heard of lithium batteries leaking either, so it’s most unusual if it was. Either way, lithium or alkaline, I’m sure people will have good suggestions.

I clean corrosion with a qtip and vinegar.

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So do I, but it doesn’t work if it’s corroded away to nothing, lol. I always try hard to rinse it away well afterwards as well. For sure, if there’s metal remaining, that will work.

I cleaned the broken spring with vinegar, baking soda, and water. And no I was not using lithium batteries. I overlooked that little tidbit. I have been using Alkaline batteries. I will get some lithium batteries and be on the lookout for a spring if the lithium batteries don’t work.