Boy oh boy do wildlife hate these cameras

Since I have had my cameras and got all up, I have noticed that the camera in the car port birds hate it and attack it, the 2 in the front and 1 on the end wasps and hornet’s are constantly attacking them, and when the hit it is a pretty good thud too.

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My blink seems to attract a wasp regulary. I find it fascinating but u also fine have a nest or birds attacking my cameras!

I just installed 5 blink XT2 cameras and the first day the side yard camera kept going off at night. I reviewed the footage and it was some bird that kept flying around it in a frenzy. It didn’t attack it but it did not look happy. It has since stopped and I assume it left my yard. We have a woodpecker problem in the summer and hopefully this will keep them away too (and save me on yearly repairs).

I think the IR light is annoying to birds, and it DOES attract wood bees and wasps like crazy. Once it is set off ONE TIME when a wasp or a bird is nearby, then it is attacked, and of course, the constant attacks keep triggering the IR light, so it becomes a fight to the finish! Only after the bird or bug gets tired, will the IR light shut off long enough for the attacker to believe it has won, and it moves on.

You should try reflect tape on face of Blink , maybe around sensor area. I think this is the cheapest way to try.

Hmmm … I am trying many different things. I WAS going to fabricate a chicken wire shield to place around the camera, but that creates a problem for the camera’s wi-fi to communicate with the hub. If I make it out of plastic, then I am back to the critters gnawing on it!

The next experiment will be spray adhesive and dipping the camera into a bowl of hot chili powder. Of course it would not cover the lens or the IR sensor.