Boy oh boy do wildlife hate these cameras

Since I have had my cameras and got all up, I have noticed that the camera in the car port birds hate it and attack it, the 2 in the front and 1 on the end wasps and hornet’s are constantly attacking them, and when the hit it is a pretty good thud too.

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My blink seems to attract a wasp regulary. I find it fascinating but u also fine have a nest or birds attacking my cameras!

I just installed 5 blink XT2 cameras and the first day the side yard camera kept going off at night. I reviewed the footage and it was some bird that kept flying around it in a frenzy. It didn’t attack it but it did not look happy. It has since stopped and I assume it left my yard. We have a woodpecker problem in the summer and hopefully this will keep them away too (and save me on yearly repairs).