Blurry xt2

Not sure why night vision is blurry. Tried moving camera diff locations. Tried diff IR settings also. Is it my camera? Daytime is perfect. See my live camera pic

+1 Here. I bought the latest XT2 some days ago, set it up as instructed. I have full WiFi power and camera less than 3 feet from the router. All, and I mean it, images more than 10 inches from the camera are blurry!! Daylight, nightlight all the same. I checked everything I could and can’t find anything wrong. It’s like the lens is out of focus for all objects more than 10”. I even tried to have nothing close to the camera to avoid it to be fooled. I had a Simply Safe camera with my security system and all images were very sharp so I expected the same… This one will not even allow to recognize a face 15 feet away so it’s out of interest for me. If somebody at Blink can help… Thanksj

You both might just have bad cameras. Check for nasty reflections. Consider bringing in the house for some distance testing. For sure, get with support.

My three exterior units are clear as day.

Night vision from 2017 Blink Blog website

Here is what I get. Some of the video is clear as a bell and some of it is blurry. Depends on IR illumination distance and reflection. Specs for XT outdoor night vision distance is 20 feet.

So, I have the same problem…blurry at night. I just got my camera’s 3 days ago and all three are blurry at night. I noticed that this has been as issue since at least last August 2019…maybe longer.
Seems there was a firmware push sometimes last year…advancement is great but this blurry issue seems to an ongoing issue…
Seems there should be some sort of fix or patch for this…moving around cameras or cleaning lens is something that none of us should have to do.
Seems from what I have read the older XT camera did not have this issue.
I really like the camera’s but I hope that Blink Tech Support can fix this or they are going to be getting a whole lot of returns.
If you Google Blink Blurry Night Vision there are many threads on this issue…Not just this thread…
The support guy I talk too…twice now is very nice and understand…But not doing much to fix the issue…

I’ve tried with my outdoor lights on and off and same thing. Blurry. Daytime is great.