Blurry all time

I’ve been using the blink system with 6 cameras for 3 years now, working perfectly until one started showing only video and pictures completely blurred, I decided to unmount and cleaned the lense carefully, I change the batteries (new lithium) and the problem persisted, I deleted that camera from that system and have added to another system I have in another location, adding process perfect, the result the video and pictures continue completely blurry to the point that you can’t see a thing, what can I do? any tips welcome. Thanks

This happens twice a year.
Summertime = high humidity
Other seasons = light frost

Only fix is wait for mother nature to dry out and heat up to clear the lense. The moisture is on inside of lense. You can’t wipe it off. Your windshield in car/truck parked outside will have same problem.

Quick fix for cameta is bring it inside to let it warm up and dry out. Use snapshot function to test out if lense is clear or not.

If non of that works, you have a failed camera.

Thank you Joel_ek, I will follow your tips

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