Blinks no longer recording

My Blinks both stopped recently, and are no longer recording on motion detection. Yes, they are armed. I am able to view live videos, but have absolutely no recordings and no notifications. Therefore the system is pretty much useless at the moment.

I have tried contacting customer support, but have had nothing back from them at all.

I really need these working.

Best to give them a call then. That way you aren’t waiting on them coming back to you, who knows when.

Try resetting the sync module (unplug,wait 15 sec, replug). It seems to fix some of these screwy problems.Don’t worry, all your cams will still be there.

Seeing loads of these posts, had the same when I was away, which wasn’t useful! I think they firmware the cameras which broke the motion, you’ll have to pop the batteries out and back in should work then.
It’d be useful if Blink allowed a remote option to reset the camera, so if you’re away your property is still protected??
Not a reliable system as it stands.

Thank you for the tips. Unfortunately, I am away from home now and my blink cameras, once again, are not recording. I know this because my ring cameras caught motion that the Blink cameras did not record. We paid an aweful lot of money for these cameras to be used as paperweights. Blink needs to respond to these complaints.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?
I have exactly the same problem, and even after changing my router to a much better one this problem reoccurs randomly.
Support have been useless.

Mine stopped recording-3 of the cameras, actually, and even through batteries showed OK i changed them. Voila, all 3 came back up!