Blinking Red light

my camera is continually blinking red as well and is not working

You know what to do, right?

Hi I have got same problem logged it with tech support 72 hours ago not heard anything.

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calling is your best bet.

In uk is it an international number.

There’s a UK support number, but might still be expensive, couldn’t say. Check with your call provider if it’s premium, or covered on your call package.

Says it’s localised, so maybe it’s covered free with your plan.

EDIT: That’s a Nottingham area code, so if you can call that for free, you should be fine.

There’s also a number of free VoIP apps

I have similar issue 1 of camera show low battery, change to new lithium battery but still not able to connect to sync. Remove camera from app yet still not able to add it back. Called support team, they ask me to remove 2nd camera, similar problem and troubleshoot my network. So I resetup my Internet network again and manage to add 2nd camera not the first one. So They send me replacement for first camera. However, I realize cannt take picture or no video capture for the 2nd camera. So delete it from app and Now this 2nd camera having the same issue as the first camera not able to add back to sync . Called the support again, run the network diagnostic again no issue, they just said out of warranty. Guess the life span quality only last 2 years? Then is depend your luck :frowning:

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Same issue jist happened to me. Been a member.since the first xt system was out. Been working fantastic until i deleted the camera due to low batteries and can not add back on. Just. Emailed tech support and awaiting for reply.

Exactly the same issue. This is the 2nd unit in 8 months.
Email sent to support and ow awaiting response. Not happy

Well then, it is ALWAYS restarting but never gets restarted. My cameras are only 9 months old.


Call support. Clearly your camera isn’t working as it should. Nick was asking for more details, in his post that you replied to, however, if you actually read the thread, you will see that others had success contacting support, and that he himself recommended it in post 8. Indeed, post 9 referenced what great support they provided, and that one user in particular got a replacement camera.

Pretty sure that this is what ceedee was referring to in saying you know what to do. Why would you not? Your camera is only 9 months old and still under warranty. Even if it were over 12 months, they still seem to be pretty good at helping out, if evidence in this forum is anything to go by.

That’s what I’d do.

What he said.

Following on from other people’s comments about their cameras not working because of the flashing red light, I’ve been experiencing the same thing for months. I now have 5 Blink XT2 cameras that are displaying this issue and unable to connect to the WiFi. This is despite customer service trying to help, sending new cameras to replace the malfunctioning units and me contacting my Internet provider to ensure there’s no issue their end. At this point I have 2 working cameras and 5 broken ones so I’m researching other wireless WiFi cameras to replace Blink. I have zero confidence that when my two working XT2 units need new batteries the same issue won’t arise with those. Our area has suffered a spate of burglaries and vehicle thefts recently so it’s important that we have a home security system that is reliable.

Same issue! This is my second one that crapped out after 3 months ! Seriously! I’m returning it and want my money back ! Done finding another brand

I am having the same issue - 1 node of a 5 camera system has started blinking RED and has stopped recording. I have replaced the batteries and I’ve removed and re-added the camera to the system. I’ve take a video of what it does as well (if there’s a place to share it?) This system was ordered in September '19 - I hope to hear back on this soon as I the reliability of this system is very important. Thanks!

I was having the same issue as everyone else. Camera worked fine for months. One day started the 5 red blinks and nothing.

Customer Service sent me a new camera. I got it, set it up and synced it…same thing. Wont capture a picture or video, doesn’t detect any movement. 5 red flashes and nothing.

Cant be the camera again, can it? Its a brand new camera… what else could it be?

If it’s an XT2, you could try invoking a reset to factory firmware. Not sure exactly where it is, but there is a reset button inside the camera. A search of the forum should help you find it if you’re having difficulty.

Same exact issues as everyone else… How about an actual answer instead of “contact support”. If the camera is dead and needs to be replaced, which judging by all the other post… it is. Tell us…