Blinking Red light

I replaced my camera batteries, then I was getting a blinking red light and it would not sync so I deleted the camera and now I am still getting a blinking red light and unable to add the camera even though it is sitting right next to the sync module.

Can you help?


HI @latisha.floyd,

I am happy to help! So the blinking red light is completely normal; this indicates that the camera is restarting. Could you provide more details as to what problem you are having with adding your camera?

I’m having the same problem. Camera was offline so replaced dead batteries, camera wouldn’t come back online. Deleted camera from app and tried to add again but now app doesn’t pick up camera at all. Red light does 5 long flashes when batteries are put in then keeps flashing short half second red flashes. Spoke to customer support, tried removing batteries and run off of USB adapter but still the same thing. Next email tech replied “best regards” and haven’t heard from them since so not sure if that means I’m on my own or what.

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Hi @Hallvw,

You are definitely not on your own! Please provide me your case number so i can make sure someone will be continuing to assist you.

Hello Nick,
So far I think it’s taken care of. The camera is supposed to be replaced. Thank you for replying

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Glad to hear it. Please let me know if I can assist with anything else!

I am having exactly this issue, flashing red light a app cant find camera when I try and re add it (light stops flashing temporary while the app tried to connect) . Before I reset the camera the sync module could see it but I got a error when I tried live view, it didn’t upload any clips and the camera was not showing as having been connected to my wifi recently. I am in contact with Support, currently at the “please log out and back into the app” stage of trouble shooting but looks to me like a Wifi issue, in that the camera will talk to the module over the proprietary protocol but is not connecting to the Wifi.

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Same issue… I purchased 3 Blink XTs on December 21st. They all have been working without any issues since day one but one of them stopped working today. It had both batteries and power connected. Sensor ( the black one in the middle) keeps flashing red every 2 seconds.
I tried following steps.
I changed the batteries, ran the camera on USB power, and also deleted the camera from the system and try re-adding it ,but it refused to re-add the camera after looking for it for about a minute. " adding your device failed" .
My other two Blink XT cameras are working fine.
I really like them and was thinking about buying the 4th one… But one of them failed not even after a month!?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi @Peteb,

Sorry I missed your post! If you havent already, I would recommend that both you and @Levent contact support for more in depth assistance! Please let me know how it goes!

Hi @nick_at_blink. Thanks for getting back to me. I did contact support and they arranged a replacement camera so all is good. Great customer service as always

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Great! Thanks for the update @peteb!

Same here @nick_at_blink! I have contacted Customer service… I have received my replacement camera today :slight_smile: Jean also guided me and followed up about my other two cameras that kept triggering continuously after a motion event or after I watched live view. just FYI… I have increased the re-trigger time to 15sec and lowered sensitivity to 7 and they both seem to be working fine without annoying short re-triggered clips which kept coming without any motion. Agree with @Peteb, Great Customer Service! Thanks.

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I’m very glad you had a positive customer experience!

I’m having the same issue where the red light blinks a few times and then turns off. Now it won’t connect to the system. I deleted the camera and now it can’t even find it.

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All the solutions sound like “replace camera”. This same exact thing just happened after close to two years when I went to replace the batteries for the first time. What do you do if it’s out of warranty?

Call tech support anyway. They have been known to be quite generous at times!

I am having same issue with xt2, the camera was missing on my app and I went to add it back it said it was already registered to someone else. I tried to reset it but no luck and it’s flashing red. I called tech support and they said it was registered to someone else. Not sure how this could happen?
It worked fine for two months but now useless.

We’ve seen a couple of times that people will accidentally make two different accounts.

Helpful things to supply customer service with is a receipt of purchase, serial number of the camera, and possibly any and all emails you might have used.

Also note, working with different people may yield different results. Calling them is the best, IMHO.

my camera is continually blinking red as well and is not working

You know what to do, right?