Blink xt2 - wifi distance issue

Router wifi upstairs where phone line comes into house. v Good wifi signal to sync module downstairs which located inside on a desk right by patio door to decking.

The blink camera will only connect to wifi on the other side of patio door and no further.

Same for phone etc. Had assumed before buying that cameras connected to the sync module not general wifi

So to resolve am thinking of adding old router to router 1 but wirelessly (made a mess years ago doing similar with cable) but are there any hints or settings to ensure I use on router 2 etc?


Plenty of guides on internet & google. If you do this, your overall thruput will be impacted.

Thanks for a reply and yes there are indeed plenty of guides to setting 2nd router but I posted here in to ask if there were any specific settings for Blink cameras when doing this? This is a Blink camera forum I believe?

Better have some signal than none?

Anybody else able to assist?

I have a distant camera connected to a WiFi extender, which is essentially what you are attempting. No changes to system setup or settings. There is a WiFi extender FAQ that you can follow. Only restriction is that all Blink hardware needs to be on the same network (SSID), so you need to set the second router’s SSID to the same name as your primary router.

Low data rates could impact everything, including the Blink system. Worth a try.

There are PLENTY if people here within this community forum that have already done what you’re trying to accomplish.

Use the search function to read those previous message threads. Within are tricks, tips, how they did it, etc. Type wifi extender into search and enjoy the reading.