Blink XT2 Motion Detection not working

I just bought a 5 pack of Blink XT2 cameras and have set up 3 of 5 and motion detection is not working at all for all tested. Picture fine, synced with Sync Module, WIFI is fine.
Sync and WIFI levels are excellent.

The picture quality when I take a picture is fine they just don’t detect ANY motion so are Utterly useless as a security camera.

Very disappointed with the product.

hello @Cloud, and welcome to the forums. There’s a couple of settings to check, to make sure everything is set up correctly.

1.) Make sure that your system is “ARMED”.

2.) Make sure you have motion detection enabled for each camera. The “running man” should be blue. If it’s grayed out, it’s turned off

3.) Make sure motion detection is enabled in each camera setting.

Ausitn, Thanks yes had all those settings checked.

I have just done a 3rd total system reset and setup and Motion detection is now working.
nothing has changed since he first two times, so am I happy, not really it shouldnt be this hard, but glad its finally working.


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I had mine a couple weeks. The motion isn’t working the way I’d like it too. I also have the 5 camera system and only have 2 hooked up so far. I called yesterday and they reset it but it’s not picking up on various motions like the mail person, someone parking in front of the house, me walking pass the camera. I like the system overall but the whole point of me getting a security camera (keyword security) is so I can see what’s going on.

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Camera system is a piece of ■■■■ tried and tried no motion detection and if it does is a hour to late and shows a recording of nothing

Extremely disappointed in this paid 150 dollars for 2 cameras and it’s pointless to even have if it won’t show who’s at the door

@T_Mac There are thousands of XT-2 working and hundreds of thousands of XT1 and indoor Blink cameras working all over the world. However, some of them are broken/bad out of the box when new,. Some of them simply wont work on a customer’s wireless network due to communication problems.

That being said, you have two choices.
#1 a 30 day return policy - get your money back
#2 a 1 year warranty that includes free hardware exchange

Of choice 1 or 2, which one did you choose and what where the results?

Make sure you have armed it. One of my cameras was not showing motion and I realized my “armed cameras” was not turned on. Hope that helped.

I found the initial app on new Samsung tablet did NOT contain the arm/disarm function or display the running man. Installed app on old android phone and it appeared and could set. Later then discovered function on original tablet.