Blink XT2 - IP Address


I know that the “Blink camera’s IP address” has been discussed many times here, but I can’t find what I’m looking for :frowning:

In fact, on my router, I can see the Sync Module, but I don’t see any of the two XT2 Cameras I have…
I only wanted to set them a static IP address (to be able to block Internet at some time - especially when I’m home, via Home Assistant FYI).

Have you got an idea of how to do that? How to make my cameras appear in my router?

Or am I missing something?


They won’t show up unless they’re active. A persistent connection would have an impact on battery life.

Yes, I totally understand that. BUT, they don’t even appear in the device list, in a disconnected-like state… They don’t appear at all… nowhere…

Maybe it’s related to my router?

Couldn’t say why yours don’t show, but nor do mine, until they are active. If I live view, and refresh the router table view, whilst they are being viewed, they are in the list.

I’ve been investigating this myself, and as advised. Go to live view or the likes and it will show as a connected device.

I’ve also found that the IP Allocation has been consistent from DHCP.

Can your router set a statric DHCP reservation based on MAC? Solves your static IP issue.

I have the my ISP box as router, and unfortunately, the device won’t show up in the devices list…
I tried to stay in Live View for 1 minute long, I also tried to set clip length to 60s, but nothing worked…

My ISP router shows my devices whether connected or not. However, it seems that Blink cameras and sync module ignore any attempt to reserve a static IP address on the router. I’ve tried numerous times but it just doesn’t work. All other devices have adopted my static IP addresses. Must be a Blink thing.

For me, it worked for the Sync Module (which is displayed in my ISP router).

But both of the 2 Blink XT2 I have are not displayed… So I am not able to assign them a static IP address.